What #Tech Matters to You? Do #SocialMedia and #Technology Define Your Life?

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We all choose to employ technology in different ways in our lives. I am very curious how YOU and YOUR KIDS use technology. Do they text or speak with their friends? Do you still have a landline at home? When is the last time you upgraded your main television and/or do you have a home theatre with Dolby and Surround Sound? Do you even have a smart phone? When did you last upgrade your computer?

I use Twitter and Facebook regularly. I use my iPhone to check email, text, take videos, and photos. I just began using Instagram as well. I participate in several Tweet Chats per week and host my own #DadChat on Thursdays. My new iPad goes largely unused as I prefer my MacBook Pro.

As for mass consumption, I still go to the movies (don’t care much for 3D, btw), and watch television on a decent home theatre system with Internet access to Netflix online movies. We have a landline telephone, which I rarely use and hate to answer, much to my wife’s chagrin.

I actually care about the sound on our television system, having spent more on the speakers than the television. My boys could care less about video quality or sound, as they are just fine watching things on their own iPhones or computers. Other than YouTube, I won’t watch anything on my phone or computer. To me, coming from a showbiz background, I really care about sound and video quality and watching a movie on a tiny screen just isn’t in my DNA.

So, herewith some questions to ask and think about:

~~ Would you EVER wait in line at the Apple Store for the newest iPhone, iPod, iPad, or iPot?

~~ Do you HAVE to have the latest tech innovation?

~~ Must you get the best and fastest computer?

~~ When a new system comes out – e.g. DVDs from VHS – do you immediately buy the hardware and spend 2-3 times what it will cost a year later?

~~ How often do you upgrade things? Get a new car?

~~ Do you have a Home Theatre? Must you have to get the highest resolution TV?

~~ HOW many tech devices do you have?

~~ Are you or your kids a gamer that also HAS to have that hot new game?

~~ In music, do you pre-buy your favorite singer or band’s next album? Do you buy ANY music anymore?

~~ Do you EVER take a whole day off and unplug?

Where in your life do you feel things are better due to technology? Do you have more free time – as promised – by your allegiance to a computer? Is there anything – really – that you can’t live without?

What have I missed?

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