What’s New This Week with Bruce!

So much seems to be going on, I often don’t get to updating the “What’s New This Week?” What’s new this week is that my second book will be coming out on PDF, available for purchase in “The Store” right here for $2.79. It’s an interactive e-book with 100 photos, 7 videos, and text all about my 3000-mile 8-day journey, taking my son to college. It’s a travelogue, it’s an emotional cleansing, it’s funny, and it’s poignant – and it’s short and an easy, quick read! It will be available on Amazon/Kindle, we hope, by Thanksgiving. Stay tuned. Much else is happening all over our website so please just explore and be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter on the Home page – no spam, no solicitations, just relevant info to what we’re doing!

What’s New TODAY?

I have been quite lax in updating this section of the website. My excuse. The dog ate my paper. I’ve got none other than I didn’t feel the need or urge to do this in addition to the weekly e-mail newsletter we send out. You did sign up for it – right up there to your upper left? Please do – you’ll get no spam. But, what is new? I guess for me it’s ALL about Hurricane Sandy and the “natural” reminder of how little we really control and how much we are at God’s mercy and/or our good fortune. My prayers are with the victims. I’m grateful my son – in Boston – is fine and, frankly, I’m grateful I got over my recent minor spat with food poisoning relatively unscathed. Stay tuned. I’ll try and stay on top of this posting more often!

The Evolution of Technology

I’ve been lazy updating this section, so don’t expect the latest here. But, it’s Saturday and I’m way ahead on my writing, vlogging, and comic strip scripts! So, I decided to start a new series for my Friday #SocialMedia and #Technology columns. It is called The Evolution of Technology. To be fair, it is not totally new as I created it for a website I co-created a while ago. But, they will be NEW to you and we will continue the series beyond the original five I wrote, several co-written with Professor David E. Weber. #DadChat was so fun and so huge this past week with Pam Moore aka @PamMktgNut when we discussed the future of Social Media and Our Kids. We had over 25 MILLION impressions, 200 participants, and over 1,300 tweets. Trust me, that’s fast and that’s what I call “Brain Exercise.” All else is cool as I’m preparing for my “Back to School” drive August 24th, when I am driving nearly 3,000 miles cross-country to take my son to college. FORD has given me a Flex for the drive and we are seeking other sponsors. You will read, see, hear, and watch the trip as I plan to “cover” it completely!


What’s New? I sometimes hear that with my mother saying it with a comic twist. There’s so much going on that I don’t know where to begin. This week’s column – The Novel of Having Kids – is a new favorite of mine because I like the analogy and haven’t seen it expressed this way before. Father’s Day was quite cool and I hope you appreciate the Because I Said So that VoogDesigns did for us. Are you Staying In the Loop? Have you signed up for my newsletter? Please do and ALL you will receive is a short weekly update on things happening in my Social Media world (so much!)- sign up on the Home Page. You will get NOTHING else but the newsletter. Finally, we have renowned pediatrician Dr. David Hill joining us Thursday for #DadChat. You can ask him ANY question and have three chances to win a copy of his new book!

What’s New on Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday. Who’s YOUR Daddy? What’s new? I have posted my reflections on being a dad – Things I’ve Loved and Learned – this Father’s Day. Look for the new Because I Said So comic on Thursday, also in honor of Father’s Day. And, #DadChat is doing The Change Challenge with @SmashFit and inviting the #FriendsOfRicki to join us. Speaking of the #FriendsOfRicki, I am their “Friend of the Week” this week! How cool is that? Will be posting a new I’m NOT That Dad vlog tomorrow. Do you think I have enough links in this short update?

Shake, Rattle, and #DadChat

We’ve gone from raising money for charity to shake, rattle and rollin’ at #DadChat. Yep, that’s what we’re doing this Thursday May 7 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PT. Bring your favorite all-time rock album and bring one desert island song to share and shake it. Columns this week are on the serious side with one about Repairing the World and the other about finding that elusive Balance in our lives! I’m going to be making a road trip from L.A. to Boston in August. FORD is lending me a Flex as I take my first-born to college. Looking for other sponsors. I will be tweeting, #DadChatting, vlogging, and other media on our nearly 3000-mile trip with stops in Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Denver, Des Moines, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland (and the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame), Niagara Falls, Cooperstown, and on to Boston! Wanna come?

Give a Kid a Shot@Life

I always seem to tout #DadChat in this section of my site. Why? Because I believe it can be  a force for good. No better example is tomorrow evening’s #DadChat, when we’re support a great organization Shot@Life. We will be auctioning off a trip to Vegas and two iPod shuffles. Please join us tomorrow, Thursday May 31, from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT. Other than that, no news – just be sure to check out the latest Because I Said So comic, my date night vlog for I’m NOT That Dad, and my regular columns. Oh, have you signed up for my weekly newsletter? You’ll simply receive a once-a-week email with the goings-on here and at #DadChat – NO spam or your money back!

Biggest #DadChat EVER

Thursday evening Guy Kawasaki co-hosted #DadChat to the biggest night we’ve ever had and, probably, one of the biggest 1-hour TweetChats EVER. It was fun, informative, entertaining, plus Guy generously gave away PDF’s of his new book, What the Plus! What a treat it was. Read all about it in @Faryna’s post-chat re-cap or read the WHOLE thing via the transcript! This coming Thursday, May 24 #DadChat will do #College with a student and professor. In two weeks, we’re having a VERY SPECIAL Charity #DadChat supporting @ShotAtLife with co-host @TedRubin. We will be auctioning off a trip to Vegas and TWO iPods! Is GLEE Gay? has gotten a lot of comments. Please take a read and add your thoughts! I hope you’re enjoying the Because I Said So comics. @VoogDesigns is a great artist and you can get a special caricature from the ad you’ll find on this site. Oh, and please meet Anna in the current I’m NOT That Dad vlog!