What does #Fitness Look Like?

I attended what is perhaps the biggest fitness and nutrition convention around. People from ALL over the country attended. I was surprised by only one thing – how UN-fit so many of the people appeared. Granted “fitness” isn’t just about looking like a bikini model but – PEOPLE – being seriously over-weight is not nutritious or fitness. This seemed to be more apparent among the women attendees who outnumbered the men by about 3 to 1 in my unscientific judgment. I wrote more about this in a lengthier piece but here’s the short video I made at the convention – just for fun.

Mozeying in Mozambique #Africa #Travel

Mozambique, Africa is and was a very dangerous place when we ported there in December/January. Consequently, we chose to stay on the ship so this is just what we could see from port. Given we went to 13 countries, 22 cities, in 33 days, we didn’t feel deprived on our trip to Africa, India, and the UAE.