#Twerking on Lemur Island

Another stop on our amazing trip to Africa and India was the Lemur Island – the land of the lemurs – where we were “entertained” by these kids – twerking has come everywhere!

Robbie Remmes in the Holy Bowly at Park City

On the last day of the season at Park City, I met a very cool skier and nice guy, Robbie Remmes. They had just held this crazy event called the Holy Bowly in both the half-pipe and this skate-park like snow area and we went in it. Well, he went in it and I video’d. Also watched Robbie get some air off one of the jumps higher up in the park and do some tricks on some obstacles. All-in-all, way cool!

The Pride

Do you take pride in YOUR Pride of cubs? Enjoy another short (43 seconds) video from our incredible trip at the beginning of this year…