Heli-Skiing in The Cariboos, 2012

Heli-Skiing Trip to The Cariboos, Canadian Mountain Holiday (CMH) – 2012

Bruce went Heli-Skiing! (Again!) Take a look at my photos below from my trip to The Cariboos in 2012. The Cariboos has a wide variety of skiing ranges, according to CMH’s website, from alpine runs to tree skiing. Due to their consistently high levels of snowfall in the North Thompson Valley there are prime Heli-Skiing conditions until very late in the season

I had a fantastic time, and I strongly suggest to anyone who loves to Ski to try Heli-Skiing at least once in your life! Here is my favorite photo,  after the Helicopter pilot dropped us off, he did this! How is that for the beginning of my Heli-Skiing experience? But check out all of my photos below!

Heli-Skiing Landing in the Cariboos



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