38 Days Without

Addicted to Technology

Writing about going without technology is nothing original, for sure, and I’m not going to re-invent the wheel with this column. However, I am going to share my recent experience going without my iPhone for 38 days. The caveat is that I did have use of my phone for calls on a very limited basis and did receive and make about a dozen in the course of those 38 days.

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Dad, Technology Genius

Because I Said So comic strip technology genius

Again, I MUST remind you that I’m NOT That Dad (which is just the name of my weekly vlogs)! This comic script, however, was inspired by my younger son attending his prom. “Dad” tries to take a photo of his dashing-looking son thinking that he, “Dad,” is in fact a technology geniusl.

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The Evolution of Technology: Television Back in the Day


We continue our nostalgic look at technology and baby boomer memories, looking at television when there were just three networks, no video, no home theatres, no dvrs, no cable, no satellite, Variety shows ruled, and families actually sat together, watching The Ed Sullivan Show and Milton Berle, among so many other classics. Professor David E. Weber leads off.

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The Evolution of Technology: The Transistor Radio

 AKA Bruce’s Guide to the Evolution of Technology and His Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby, Part One*

I so vividly remember my first portable radio. It had such an exotic name for the day – a transistor radio!  For many of us, this changed our lives. Portable music. What a radical concept!

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