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School Today

When I went to primary school way back in the B&W days of no remote control and transistor radios and rotary phones, my parents had little to do or worry about when I headed out the door. In fact, they had little to worry about after school as well because I rode my bike wherever I wanted as long as I got home before dark. Mom made sure I carried a dime “just in case” I needed to call home. It’s slightly different now!

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Relating to My Boys as Adults #DadChat

My son's first tattoo

Today I had lunch with my older son and dinner with my younger one. They are about to turn 18 and 21. Each meal was different because they are unique individuals but there was one similarity. Our interchanges were not a whole lot different than if I’d had a meal with a friend or peer. Amazing!

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How My Wife and #Dogs Differ – Ten Ways, Part One


Okay, I’m kidding. Well, sort of. Of course my dogs and my wife are not the same in ANY way but their differences are sort of striking. I love my dogs but I have NEVER equated the love of my pets with my love of human beings. Nonetheless, there’s a reason people are fanatical about their pets. Mostly, I think it’s the unconditional love. In our human relationships, we actually tend to expect something from one another.

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Do Real Life Relationships Trump Everything in Life, Business, and #SocialMedia? – #DadChat

Social Media comic

IRL is one of those acronyms we all use – In Real Life. What an odd notion in today’s mobile, smart-phone, DIS-connected world when so many of us rely on our tech vs. our personality. Is this best for us? Is this best for OUR KIDS? We have special co-host Tamara McCleary this Thursday, October 16 at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET, to help us navigate real life. Do your kids play with friends outside? Do your teens actually use their phones to talk or just text (as my younger son does)? Do you rely on email or actually “pick up” the phone and call a friend, a colleague, your relatives, OR a business lead? How will this affect our kids’ lives, moving forward?

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Starting a New Life

We all think or speak about wanting to “Start over” with dreams of what we might do differently if we could. Whenever I declare such a thing, I am clear that I’d like to start over with the knowledge I’ve learned living as long as I have. Sort of an oxymoron, I suppose.

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