#HeForShe, #Feminism, the #NFL, Emma Watson, Boys & Men, at #DadChat

Emma Watson gave a stirring speech at the UN recently (hear it above). She was as poised a young speaker as I’ve ever seen and spoke passionately about the need for gender equality, usually two words I tend to disdain. She made good points. Is the UN the right forum for ANY positive efforts? A good question, but OUR forum is certainly worthy of discussing the underlying issue. NOT about “gender equality” and girls/women, but about what is happening to our boys and men as a result of feminism, and where we parents must work to educate our girls and boys to be the BEST PEOPLE they can be – regardless of what is between their legs! Join us for this provocative dialogue Thursday, October 2 at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET.

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My Surgery

Surgery cartoon

I recently underwent some minor surgery for a small hernia. I haven’t been “under” since I had rotator cuff surgery a decade or so ago. That was a horrendous experience on a number of levels. Yet, as I approached this next time going “under” I was not particularly anxious. Part of my calmness was confidence in the doctor who was going to perform the operation. Part of it was a resignation that this is what comes with “maturity” or simply getting older. Part of it was the wine…just kidding.

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#Golf is Like #Women

Golf quote

I asked my wife for a topic suggestion for the next column in this new blog series. She ignored me as if I hadn’t said a thing: I instantly chose “Women.” There is no format to this series other than what comes to my mind as I write so the topics come from anywhere and everywhere. Your suggestions are welcome.

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Learning Something NEW is Brain Exercise

Brain Exercise

There’s a point in most people’s lives that they resist learning new things OR learning new things is so hard that they prefer to avoid it altogether. I remember, both fondly and sadly, how my parents struggled learning how to program their VCR. Cell-phones were just too out-of-reach for them. But, for me, I’ve found that working through that learning anxiety can enhance your life!

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Quid Pro Quo, #SocialMedia, and #Triberr

Social Media

When I began doing Social Media one of the first things I was told was that for every tweet sent about myself, I should send ten about (and supporting) others. I liked that philosophy. That is why I write this Social Media Social Good series because I believe we have such a GREAT opportunity to do good via Social Media. And, it’s so democratic. Anyone can do good if they set their mind and heart to it! How sweet it is. Hmmm, that would make a good song title?

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