Have We Hit a Tipping Point of TOO MUCH (#Technology and #SocialMedia)?

Internet comic - our connected world

Watching a couple of relatively new movies on NetFlix recently I was struck by how well they are now integrating daily technology into the story lines. Everyone in a contemporary film has/uses smart-phones, communicates via texting, and is adept on a laptop. In espionage and thrillers (e.g. James Bond), they take it to an extreme that may not be realistic but it’s often not too far out of touch with reality. But, when it comes to everyday stories, I suspect it’s very touched by reality and that is my concern.

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Can You Be #Friends with Someone Whose #Politics are Diametrically Opposed to Yours?

comic on politics

Yes, I know most people would answer this “Moral Question of the Week” with a quick, “Of course.” But, to me, it’s not so simple. To me, the future of my kids’ lives are at stake with what is going on in the world today. Therefore, the politics of our times – both domestically and internationally – make a huge difference in my day-to-day life and thinking. I’ve found that reasonable “dialogue” with people with opposing views is hard and often ends up in someone being angry. So, with “old” friends on the opposite spectrum, we’ve agreed to simply not talk politics.

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Mozeying in Mozambique #Africa #Travel

Mozambique, Africa is and was a very dangerous place when we ported there in December/January. Consequently, we chose to stay on the ship so this is just what we could see from port. Given we went to 13 countries, 22 cities, in 33 days, we didn’t feel deprived on our trip to Africa, India, and the UAE.

#DadChat Is Teaching Kids to Care #NoKidHungry


What is the #1 ingredient to happiness? Money? Success? Sex? NO! The single biggest ingredient to happiness is GRATITUDE. Most of our kids are living blessed lives yet most of our younger generation is more self-involved than ever. Tonight at #DadChat, August 28 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.PT/9:00 – 10:00 p.m.ET, we are going to TEACH OUR KIDS TO CARE (about something other than themselves) with special co-host Tim McDonald.

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The Beginning of the End

Substitue the mom for a dad and you got me!

No, this isn’t a doomsday column. In fact, it’s a very positive one as we are watching and waiting for that big day. That day every parent wonders when or if it will ever arrive. That day that seems further and further away in this generation. That day, when…the kids leave!

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