A Tour of #YALE

This was the first time I “GOT” the value of an Ivy League education. Not that I ever disparaged one before, but this tour and the information expressed gave me an insight into how cool going to a college like Yale could be. I sort of wish I could do it all over again!

#SocialMedia, Social Good – EXPEDIA Steals

Expedia Scam

It should have been a very simple correction. I discovered that Expedia had accepted a double-booking of mine, when I didn’t get a confirmation email for my first booking. I made a second one. They have a “policy” that a Lemming customer service person, who barely spoke or understood English, insisted on reading to me. Hello?

They DON’T have a “policy” for accepting double-bookings from the same customer? I’m expected to pay to be on two planes at the same time? Their software doesn’t notice this?

It’s simple. Today’s customer service is horrible. The out-sourcing to foreign countries and the “policies” that do not include ANY discretion to resolve a problem other than “policy,” have destroyed the customer/company interaction!

Let them KNOW how you feel! The ONLY way these companies respond to people is when enough of us let them know and when they finally respond to the pressure WE can bring to bear when they cheat and mistreat us!

EXPEDIA – get it together!

A Boomer’s Point-of-View: Man’s Need for Purpose

The purpose of life

Since I am a man, I often write from a man’s perspective. Duh. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a point of view about both men and women. That is one of the reasons I write the “Men vs. Women” (blog) series. So, I will assert a potentially perceived (by overly sensitive PC peeps) sexist statement, which I believe applies more to men than women but ALSO applies to (some) women: Men NEED a purpose in their lives. And, yes, many women do as well.

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