Can a Banana be Politically Correct?

Banana - Sex Ed - KidsIt’s time our Moral Question of the Week took on something hard! The other day my wife threw out, what appeared to me, perfectly good bananas. She said because they were covered with brown spots she believed that they were no longer good. She said doctors say there’s too much sugar in them at that point. I always thought that the slightly brown-patched bananas were actually better and tastier. What do you think?

The Definitive Guide: How to Build a Successful Tweet Chat #Twitter #DadChat


We’ve all seen how ubiquitous hashtags have become and how everyone in media is using them. In #SocialMedia, it’s now the standard way of getting attention on Twitter and the Tweet Chat has grown to include over 1,000 regular chats. These are the contemporary equivalents of chat rooms, but much more specific. I started #DadChat 3 ½ years ago and it’s grown into one of the most successful on Twitter.

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#School, #Curriculum, #Kids, and How WE #Parents Fit at #DadChat

School Today

When I went to primary school way back in the B&W days of no remote control and transistor radios and rotary phones, my parents had little to do or worry about when I headed out the door. In fact, they had little to worry about after school as well because I rode my bike wherever I wanted as long as I got home before dark. Mom made sure I carried a dime “just in case” I needed to call home. It’s slightly different now!

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Relating to My Boys as Adults #DadChat

My son's first tattoo

Today I had lunch with my older son and dinner with my younger one. They are about to turn 18 and 21. Each meal was different because they are unique individuals but there was one similarity. Our interchanges were not a whole lot different than if I’d had a meal with a friend or peer. Amazing!

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How My Wife and #Dogs Differ – Ten Ways, Part One


Okay, I’m kidding. Well, sort of. Of course my dogs and my wife are not the same in ANY way but their differences are sort of striking. I love my dogs but I have NEVER equated the love of my pets with my love of human beings. Nonetheless, there’s a reason people are fanatical about their pets. Mostly, I think it’s the unconditional love. In our human relationships, we actually tend to expect something from one another.

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