A Boomer’s Point-of-View: Adult Boys #Millennials

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Adult Boys – perhaps that’s an oxymoron or contradiction in terms? But, in my mind, it’s an apt description of many young adults today; many so-called “millennials,” of which I have two. My two are now out of the house and we are empty nesters. In many ways, I am quite happy and, to my surprise, adjusted very quickly to their absence. In other ways, I’m alarmed or concerned or just mystified (by their generation).

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Men vs. Women: Looking


I got lazy last year after a tumultuous time dealing with family issues, the haters online, and moving cross-country. But, recent comments on one of my previous “Men vs. Women” columns have motivated me to write another.

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A Boomer’s Point-of-View: Who Are These Boys?


It’s a New Year and I’m embarking on a new phase of my life as an empty nester that has moved to a different state and completely different environment. All the stresses of a big move (21,000 pounds AFTER paring down our stuff considerably) were present and then some. Yes, it was a move of choice but that doesn’t diminish the degree such a change is impactful nor the fact that some things turned out to be easier than others.

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