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#DadChat 2014

As many of you know, #DadChat and I were “hit” by haters earlier this year. It made me re-evaluate my thoughts about Social Media as a whole and my place in this ever-changing landscape. #DadChat was “my baby” and I loved the good we were doing by discussing topics as tough as Sexual Abuse, Religion, and Race. We also had many lighter topics, often music-related.

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Another Way to Save Money: Coupons and All the Goods What Come Together (Sponsored Post) #DadChat

As a father and as a person who doesn‘t want to spend too much on essential stuff, I wanted to find some new ways how to save money and keep me in a budget. Such things like food, clothing and hygiene products are essential every day, and everyone needs to shop for it. So why not save a little bit more while shopping with the help of various coupons and promo codes? I couldn’t find any reasons why not, but I was able to get some good reason why yes! So here it is. Let me prove you that coupons are the next big thing for all frugal people like me!

Instant Savings
One of the best reasons why coupons are a great thing to use is that they actually save you a huge amount of cash instantly. No matter if you shop online or in a store, after giving a coupon’s code or a coupon itself, in every store you will receive an instant discount. Of course, a number of that discount may vary from 5 to 85 percent, but is that even matter? Any savings is much better than none savings! And all coupons are going to give you those price cut-offs without any additional hidden fees or rules.

You Can Find It Everywhere
At these days, various types of coupons can be founded everywhere: from newspapers to special websites for coupons. Either way you want to get it, that won’t affect your discounts. Moreover, since shopping online today is becoming pretty popular, you don’t even have to search through old newspapers. Just Google the phrase “coupons” and it will give you many special websites in a second. I can recommend you one of them – young, fresh and super customer-friendly At this website, you will find many coupons for thousands of store names and instantly save while shopping online and in retail stores too! Yes, you read it right – at this website you can also find many printable in-store coupons which will gift you a discount while shopping there as well. So just get the best of it and relax during your shopping trip.

You Can Shop With It Everywhere
As I mentioned before, at various websites for coupons and magazines you can find and get a mixture of discounts for hundreds of thousands stores all around the United States. Places which offer price cut-offs with coupons includes clothing stores, restaurants, car repair services, amusement parks and so many other locations I can’t even write it all down right now. Even such retail giants like Target, Neiman Marcus and other gives special coupons. Not to forget about various smaller ones. Just name the store, and I guarantee that they offer some discounts for sure. Just learn how to find it and you will always save money.

So these are just a few of the best reasons why shopping with coupons is great. I know it might not be enough for you, but you just need to try it yourself. I think that this type of saving money is new, super effective and will always do what they are supposed to. Have another opinion? Want to add some other things? Then share it with me bellow and let’s discuss it together.

Are #Marriage and Having Children Dying?

Marriage Quotes

One of my joys in life is talking with people wherever I go. My kids used to be completely embarrassed by this trait of mine but now don’t even pay attention. As my boys are entering adulthood and the challenges, options, and choices they will face, I find myself more interested in how young people are choosing to live their lives. More and more, my scientific polling and studies (hardly) seem to indicate less interest in marriage or kids.

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Don’t Let the HATERS Get You or Your Kids at #DadChat Thursday

Social Media

The Haters are coming! The Haters are coming! Sadly, they are already here and “they” can affect us all. One wrong step (in their eyes) and they go for the jugular. We’ve seen it happen in the public sphere when a politician or “star” says something off-color or simply makes a mistake. Boom – let’s get him! BUT, it can and does happen to our kids in the micro world of their lives. We’ve all read about the girls who have committed suicide due to HATERS in their Social Media World. #DadChat will TAKE THEM ON this Thursday, July 23 at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET.

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