Ticketmaster SCREWS its Customers and American Express Says They CAN’T Do a THING


I bought very expensive tickets (over $2,000 for three “VIP” tickets – all that were available when I tried to get regular ones EXACTLY at the time they were supposedly made available) to the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco, which occurred just this past weekend. I was informed – by email – that the tickets would be mailed within two weeks of the event. That was exactly the time that I was moving from California to Utah. Consequently, I tried REPEATEDLY to reach Ticketmaster to make sure I would get the tickets (wristbands in this case) in time to make arrangements for attending the event.

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Why I Dislike #Disney Theme Parks but Love Their Movies

I grew up in Los Angeles and most of my birthdays as a child were celebrated at Disneyland. It was in Anaheim. It was the ONLY Disneyland. Ever heard the expression, “an e-ticket ride?” Well, in those days, Disneyland had A through E tickets (for each attraction) so you had to parcel them out and be careful not to use up all your E tickets, which were for the “best” rides (like the Matterhorn).

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Is #DadChat Back? Should It Be? Please VOTE With a Comment!

#DadChat 2014

As many of you know, #DadChat and I were “hit” by haters earlier this year. It made me re-evaluate my thoughts about Social Media as a whole and my place in this ever-changing landscape. #DadChat was “my baby” and I loved the good we were doing by discussing topics as tough as Sexual Abuse, Religion, and Race. We also had many lighter topics, often music-related.

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Has #SocialMedia Let You Down?

The evolution of communication

I’ve gone from literally a 24/7 presence in Social Media to a semi-shutdown and withdrawal. Perhaps it wasn’t as hard as those people that go cold turkey with smoking cigarettes (I never smoked)  but it was still a shock to the system. It also wasn’t an immediate “shutdown” though it accelerated pretty quickly. The reasons are significant, paramount, and revelatory – a nice run of adjectives, don’t you think? Are those adjectives? I never was particularly good at grammar. Auto-correct occasionally saves me from myself.

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