Social Media Rants and Ramblings #1 aka #Vegan #Friends and #Money

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I’ve begun to make my weekend posts about Social Media. It just happened. Why? Because I’m living Social Media and my work revolves around it as well. And, I love it.

After writing so many articles for, I’ve become a fan of list columns so herewith are random rants and ramblings on the topic at hand:

~~ Who are these people with tens of thousands of followers but hardly any tweets? Are these the people who “Buy” followers and, assuming that is the case, what real good is there to that?

~~ Do you hate auto-DMs as much as I do?

~~ Does SEO make you crazy, enhance your writing, or are you neutral on the subject? Why have my posts with “Friends,” “Money,” “Disappointed,” and #Vegan” in the titles gotten the most views? Don’t worry, I’m going to do an “A Dad’s Point-of-View” column all about that peculiar fact with links to each of them.

~~ Why can’t most commenting systems work simply and effectively? I love the ones that are easy and show my latest post. It feels like a reward for my comment.

~~ Speaking of commenting, those of you who know me well know that I’ve been a huge advocate of commenting. Until recently, I was making at least two-dozen comments per day. As with most things we do obsessively, I’ve had comment burnout and have almost stopped commenting altogether. I still completely believe in the value of commenting and I will be back!

~~ Do you still have friends and colleagues who disparage Twitter and say, “I don’t need it.” Do you look at them askance? When is the last time you saw the word, “Askance?”

~~ I’m equally stubborn with taking on new SoMe sites. My friend @mqtodd has besieged me to participate on Empire. I have read enough of Michael’s writing to know his advice is sage. The hard part for me is the learning curve. I prefer to have someone sit down with me – for an hour or so – show me the ropes and then I’m IN! Michael, it’s a short flight from Japan to L.A., really!

~~ Speaking of those I respect, Guy Kawasaki is evangelizing for Google +. His latest book is What the Plus! so I suspect I have to learn and do that also. Since Guy has graciously agreed to co-host #DadChat this Thursday, May 17, the least I could do is to follow his advice. Guy, will you hold my hand, please?

~~ Setting myself up for a big blowback, do you find significantly different behaviors from your male and female Social Media “friends?” I do not mean better or worse, since it’s clear that women and men are completely equal and the same (I went to college, so I know), but what differences if any do you find in their online behaviors?

~~ Taking one step further from the previous point, I will definitely assert that dad and mom bloggers approach things quite differently. I won’t say how, but welcome your thoughts on this in the comments section, below.

~~ Our of curiosity, list the top three tools you use for your SoMe life? Mine are Twitter, Facebook, Commenting, and Tweet Chats. Hmm, guess I can’t count.

~~ Do you agree that vlogging is going to take a giant leap forward as the next thing we HAVE to do? Or, do you believe it’s already happening big-time? I’m LOVING doing the I’m NOT That Dad vlogs and have about six in the can and another few that need editing. Of course, I’m a big ham, so put me in front of a camera and I will just go and go and go…the Energizer Dad!

~~ What are the most annoying online habits of others to you? For me, it’s auto-DMs and lousy commenting systems that lose my comment or make me go through hoops to post it!



  • @MimiBakerMN

    People who have twitter accts w/ large numbers and NO interaction I find ridiculous and do NOT jump on their bandwagon. Auto DMs…hate ’em!! I don’t pay attention to SEO and I know I should. I’m like you in that, I want someone to sit down with me with each tool I want to learn! So much easier when it’s hands on with someone who knows what they’re doing! Girls are more chatty.Top 3: twitter, FB, and Pinterest? Vlogging, I hope it’s not the next big thing cuz it’s not MY thing. o_O

    • Bruce Sallan

      I’ll teach you how to vlog, Mimi!

  • Kyle Bradford

    I suck at social media. Primarily because the thought of spending countless hours perusing/stalking around seems like a waste. That’s pretty bad mojo for a blog’at’er, isn’t it? 

    • Bruce Sallan

      You’re on Triberr Kyle – that’s how we met – you can’t be that bad! 

  • Canadian Dad

    Okay, I’ve got two tabs open for this one, lol! A lot of good questions here Bruce, so I’ll see if I can take a few minutes to share my thoughts on some of them. 

    First, I’ve only been blogging since late January of this year so my experience is limited but as a newbie, I’ve decided that Twitter is my medium of choice for connecting with bloggers and brands alike. 

    As for buying followers, I really don’t see the point from a “paying” for followers perspective. I don’t think that people who run giveaways are necessarily buying followers. The followers they gain through running reviews and giveaways are warranted in relation to their niche. The ones that do it but don’t follow up with it are the real head scratchers for me. I get that they use those follower numbers for PR pitches but it’s not really ethical, is it? 

    On the other end of the spectrum, you have guys like your most recent host on #DadChat, Charlie from How To Be A Dad, who have almost 100K followers and carry on conversations with them as if they are all friends. I’m not sure if even Charlie knows how rare and refreshing that is to see from a fans point of view.

    I confused you in my tweet about getting an auto DM after following, haha. What I meant was, when someone follows me, I tend to follow back (after a brief peek at their bio). If, when I follow that person back, I get a DM right away with some pitch to buy something or check them out on some other medium, I get annoyed. If you really want me to check out your stuff, say something meaningful to me in a tweet or a comment on one of my posts. Sending a random DM doesn;t make me want to engage with you at all. 

    On the topic of SEO…..I’m waaaaaay too new to worry about that. I’m really focusing on trying to make real connections, even though they technically aren’t “real” in the sense that I haven’t met any of these great people. Somebody asked me for my Page Rank and I literally had no idea what they were talking about, lol. #Newb

    I’m slowly learning which commenting systems I like best. So far I agree with you on liking the ones that let me leave my last post on it. I have gone there yet but it’ll happen in time. I do know one thing and I’m sure most of the blogosphere will agree, while I understand why someone would want Captcha’s on their commenting system, it is a pain in the A** to use them!

    I’m 3 and a half months in and I already have a spreadsheet of blog that I follow and like to comment on. The problem with that is that it grows everyday and I’m finding it hard to keep up with. I try to visit new bloggers that comment and share stuff on my site but am not always successful. I can see getting the burnout over periods of time and I think it’s healthy to step away every now and then.

    I’m looking at you with askance after making me open a third window to look that one up….Oddly enough I hardly have any real life friends using Twitter and it boggles me. How can you be so active on FB and not appreciate the amazing power of tweeting??? LOL! I don’t give them disapproving looks or even try to convince them because that’s what they’re looking for when they bad mouth it. I just move on to another subject and go back to Twitter! Seriously, I love Twitter. A lot.

    The top 3 tools for me in SoMe are Twitter (Mad Props to Tweetdeck too), Commenting and Twitter. Oh wait, I already said that…I guess Facebook then. I have a great group of Facebook friends that I chat with on there all the time and we keep each other motivated to keep doing what we`re doing. 

    I can’t wait to start Vlogging! My laptop webcam hit the skids and I can’t afford a new one just yet but it’s coming! I also have some great ideas for videos and I hope to make the sketches come to life soon. My taping and editing skills are about zero so I am lacking the confidence to move forward at the moment. It’ll come!

    My 3 least favorite things are Auto DM’s, People who are bigger than the game and Captchas! 

    Hey look, a second full post, LOL. Sorry about that, sometimes I just get on a roll and can’t stop! I’ll leave you with something a new blogging friend told me in my first few weeks that stuck with me. I was asking her for tips to help me along and she said simply “Stay Kind”. I thought about it for awhile and realized that she was exactly right. There’s no reason to be mean or snobbish when trying to interact socially online. I see it too often and I am taking that tidbit with me as I go!

    Thanks for the canvas Bruce! Stay Kind brother!


    • Bruce Sallan

      Holy Moly Chris – now THAT is a comment! I’m too tired and trying to get too drunk – so I’m going to respond tomorrow!

    • Bruce Sallan

      Alright Chris, I’m on my 2nd cup o’ Joe and can now respond!

      1. You’ve done GREAT for just a few months and using Twitter as your primary tool is smart!
      2. When I referred to buying followers, I meant it LITERALLY! There are all these links we see – ADS – where they say “want more followers” and they have some programs you pay for to increase your numbers – period. Giveaways and other stunts are a different category altogether.
      3. Charlie aka @HowToBeADad:twitter  has that many followers because he, his partner Andy, and their web-site are honestly AWESOME!
      4. I also dislike the auto-DM pitches. I individually welcome EVERY follower I follow back by name. Yes, it’s a template tweet but I include their name so it’s obvious I’ve actually looked at who they are. It’s a time killer but I still think a good idea. As my numbers are increasing, I suspect I will let that habit drift away.
      5. You will love vlogging. Don’t let it intimidate you – just start. I’m digging it to no end!
      6. I’ll do my VERY BEST to “Stay Kind!”

      • Canadian Dad

        Thanks for the nice words. I didn’t mean to imply that Charlie and Andy had purchased any followers. I just wanted to point out that it’s rare for people with that many followers to be so down to earth in conversations with them. It’s a fabulous trait. 
        I’ll get the vlogging thing going soon enough. Sort of debating between that and a podcast though….We’ll see!


        • Bruce Sallan

          I knew you didn’t mean anything negative about Charlie and Andy – they are just too cool for that! I do a radio show and a vlog. Can offer tips/thoughts if/when you want!

          • Canadian Dad

            Thanks, I’m sure I’ll be taking you up on that at some point 😉

  • Brian Vickery

    Nice post – I’m still primarily in the Twitter/Facebook world…12Most Comments when not writing my own weekly posts on 12 Most and my own blog…and a couple stops into Google+ each day. Foursquare gets updated through HootSuite for me. I am definitely enjoying doing vlogs, and I’m receiving positive feedback.

    I talk sports with guys and Denise ;). I somehow am a part of Caturday and Fun Food Friday thanks to Peggy/Janet/Ellen/Michelle…with occasional visits from Paul to help reset the testosterone levels. I talk parenting and education with guys and gals…my kind of folks, one and all.

    • Bruce Sallan

      That’s quite a variety of SoMe activities, BV! Don’t forget you sometimes EVEN come to #DadChat! Don’t miss this week when Guy Kawasaki will be co-hosting!

  • Ted Rubin

    Ok, after some prodding from Bruce (I am not ranting about that, and like prodding because it gets me to take action) her is one of mine… 

    Please, please, please do not unfollow followers who are inactive… no matter how long. There are so many lurkers, searchers, readers, and other interested parties who may never tweet… but they can be incredibly valuable followers because they are listening and interested. Many people at a cocktail party never say a word, but they listen, learn and engage vicariously through others. And many of the ones doing the talking have no interest in what anyone else has to say. Value the listeners. Remember… Twitter is becoming one of the most used and valued search engines for real-time information. Do not ignore/shut-out those who may value your input the most.

    • Bruce Sallan

      See Ted, I ALWAYS learn from you. Looking forward to our #DadChat for [email protected] on May 31!

      • Ted Rubin

        As I do from you. Me too 🙂

  • Steve Cassady

    Great Post.  My top 3 are : Twitter (I include chats here so I can only show 3), Linkedin, and the Empire.  Bruce, with your following, your learning curve will be faster on the Empire.  Unfortunately, it is one of the platforms that take time to build the base to be highly effective.

    • Bruce Sallan

      I keep putting it off – Empire – Steve. I did sign up and have gotten a ton of e-mails. I need someone to hold my hand and SHOW ME…that is the only way I learn these things!

  • David Weber

    It’s a foreign language…SoMe, auto-DM and SEO — don’t know what they mean.  As for students being taught at college that men and women are the same in every way, I am still waiting for some evidence that such an idea is being taught/promoted somewhere.  Bruce has suggested as much in several of his columns over a period of years, and I am still waiting for some evidence to inform me as to who is teaching that to whom, and where?

    • Bruce Sallan

      Do you attend any Women’s Studies classes?

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