The Evolution of Technology: #Watches

My first and likely my only Tourbillon watch

The Evolution of Technology blog series is written by Bruce Sallan and Professor David E. Weber

Our series continues with one of my favorite old tech devices: the watch. Yeah, a watch: analog and perhaps one you had to wind (do kids know what that means?). I had a love affair with watches when I was a kid so this will be a fun column to write!

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Leaving the #iPhone Behind

A while ago, I wrote Seven Days Without My iPhone. Now, I’ve gone another 5 days, with one more to go, without it again. It is liberating. Much has been written lately about taking Social Media sabbaticals or breaks. Not only is it a good idea, I would assert it would improve your relationships – especially in your “home” family – and also improve, yes, your health.

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What #Tech Matters to You? Do #SocialMedia and #Technology Define Your Life?


We all choose to employ technology in different ways in our lives. I am very curious how YOU and YOUR KIDS use technology. Do they text or speak with their friends? Do you still have a landline at home? When is the last time you upgraded your main television and/or do you have a home theatre with Dolby and Surround Sound? Do you even have a smart phone? When did you last upgrade your computer?

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