Guest Vlog for A Dad’s Point-of-View

Do you want to guest blog? Written or Video?

I’ve been a one-man show for too long. There are too many great dad and mom writers and Social Media pros that can add insights and wisdom to this website. I invite YOU to guest blog or vlog for I’m most interested in original vlogs (for those of you that don’t know – Video Blogs!), since I believe this form is the future of our medium in many ways. However, a great guest blog is a great blog and those are welcomed as well.

Given the variety of media I employ, I can offer a guest blogger or vlogger many synergistic opportunities, given the right material and the right fit. The guest blog or vlog can be an inspiration for a #DadChat topic and you could potentially be a co-host, the blogger/ vlogger and subject can appear on my Radio Show, A Dad’s Point-of-View, and it could also possibly be featured as the topic in one of our Because I Said So comics.

Only original content will be considered. Please do not submit guest blogs or vlogs published or submitted elsewhere. My intention is NOT to inundate the site with irrelevant material. Each approved guest blog or vlog will be special. I will promote it fully and you will obviously be receive full credit including bio, website and social media links.

If you want pre-approval on a concept or care to submit something, please do so via:

Email Bruce Sallan to Guest Blog

C’mon, gimme your best shot!