While I write many blogs and other types of content throughout the week, the Weekly Column is my weekly feature topic, which will also be the basis of my weekly radio show and #dadchat. Posted on Sunday night or Monday morning, they are a great way to start off your week with something to think about, as well as something to talk about.

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A Boomer’s Point-of-View: The Decent and the Indecent

Nazi, Hitler, WWII

Mother Teresa

~~ How can the University of California actually declare that the line that, There are two races of people: the decent and the indecent, is racist?

~~ Why are outsiders such as Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson dominating the Republican primary polls (so far)?

~~ How could an avowed Socialist become so important in the Democratic primaries?

~~ Do you believe our country is better or worse since President Obama has been in office?

~~ Other than some good rock ‘n’ roll, what good has my generation – the Baby Boomer’s – done for our country?

~~ Is a government shutdown (ever) a good thing?

These are questions I am asking myself these days and asking you. I am more concerned about our country and the violence worldwide than I’ve ever been. I try to have hope, but I often feel hopeless. I am grateful to have grown up and prospered when I did, but fear immensely for my kids’ futures.

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A Boomer’s Point-of-View: Man’s Need for Purpose

The purpose of life

Since I am a man, I often write from a man’s perspective. Duh. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a point of view about both men and women. That is one of the reasons I write the “Men vs. Women” (blog) series. So, I will assert a potentially perceived (by overly sensitive PC peeps) sexist statement, which I believe applies more to men than women but ALSO applies to (some) women: Men NEED a purpose in their lives. And, yes, many women do as well.

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A Boomer’s Point-of-View: Envy of Other Parent’s Kids #DadChat

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 8.33.17 AM

Who hasn’t heard the glowing stories from another parent extolling the accomplishments of his or her kid(s)? Who hasn’t thought that they wished they had such stories to tell? Well, I think it’s like Joseph Telushkin’s mom said about so-called happy people, “The only happy people I know are people I don’t know very well.” Wiser words have rarely been uttered.

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#Golf is Like Raising Kids – #DadChat

Parents and kids golfing

Okay, I have become a bit obsessed with golf. Now that I live ON a golf course, is it any wonder? So, I post daily photos of “my” golf adventures. So what? I began this blog series before this “obsession,” when I did play golf but most definitely didn’t take it seriously. I still don’t “take is seriously” but I have begun to truly love it. So, this series will continue with a bit more enthusiasm and experience.

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