Men vs. Women: Looking


I got lazy last year after a tumultuous time dealing with family issues, the haters online, and moving cross-country. But, recent comments on one of my previous “Men vs. Women” columns have motivated me to write another.

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Men vs. Women: #Breasts

Funny breast comic

I’m a baby boomer. That means I grew up wanting to see breasts. Playboy magazine was the Holy Grail and this was long before they showed much of anything other than a glimpse of breasts and artfully staged photographs that covered up everything else.

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Men vs. Women: Sleeping #DadChat

Vintage photograph

Ah, the joys of sleeping. Do you think men and women approach and do sleeping at all differently? Well, of course they do because – gulp – men and women are so inherently different, as this 25th installment in this blog series will demonstrate with its usual careful analysis, astute observation, and painstaking research!

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Men Vs. Women: #TimeManagement

Time Management poster

This will be the 24th column in this ongoing blog series. I think the topic options are inexhaustible!

How we manage time has ironically become a bigger issue than anyone would have predicted with the incredible growth of technology in our lives. Why all this technology has complicated our lives rather than simplify them is a conundrum itself. But, since this series is about the general differences between men and women, I’ll leave that question to the social scientists.

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Men vs. Women: #Dogs #DadChat #Pets

Funny dogs

Continuing our most popular blog series, let’s examine how men and women interact, view, and enjoy their dogs. Do you think there might be any differences?

As always, I will add this caveat that I am making generalities and stereotypical observations. There are exceptions to generalities and stereotypes so if you’re a Gender Studies student or professor, you might want to visit the NOW website at this point.

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Men vs. Women: Looks #Sex

Famous Hollywood Photo

Ahh, is there any more sensitive subject than “looks” between men and women? Yes, and I’ve covered them in earlier columns in this series. But, “looks” are a big deal in both directions for different reasons that are inherent to our respective genders!

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#Food, #Sex, and the Kitchen


It’s often said that the biggest causes of divorce are sex, money, and “the kids.” I would argue that a bigger cause of dissention is food (and the kitchen). In continuing this blog series – and the pre-cursor to a book based on these columns – let’s tackle this divisive issue between men and women!

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