Winter Time Workouts at #DadChat with @SmashFit

Skiing is great exerciseDo we get lazy with our winter time workouts? Does inclement weather discourage you? Exercise and workouts must be a year-round habit. For me, as you can see above, I love to ski but that is limited as far as its frequency. We will discuss both exercise, workouts, diet and more with Heather Frey aka @SmashFit, this Thursday, March 7 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT/9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET. Heather will also chat about her Change Challenge, which she presented on The Ricki Lake Show. Dress for this chat is “workout casual.”

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Men vs. Women: Dieting, Exercise, and Losing Weight

DietingWell, it seems perfect to take on dieting and losing weight early in the year since it is the NUMBER ONE resolution most people make every New Year! But, like every column in this ongoing series, men and women approach diet, weight loss, and exercise quite differently. And, like every column in this series, I will be making many generalizations, which often and usually have exceptions. And, I will do my best to annoy any Women’s Studies professors and/or students!

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Family Fitness, Are YOU a #SocialMedia Addict?

Family Fitness IS the #DadChat topic this week with fitness experts Carla Birnberg and Jacqueline Carly co-hosting! Put on your sweats and join us Thursday at 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PST. Are YOU a #SocialMedia Addict is the question I ask in this week’s column. Take the test if you dare! Speaking of #DadChat, mark your April calendar for the 12th when Guy Kawasaki is our very special guest host, in honor of our 1-year anniversary! I hope you’re watching my new I’m NOT That Dad vlogs? I’m having so much fun making them and tomorrow’s is all about exercise – well, sort of. Watch and laugh! Reminder: Stay In the Loop with our weekly newsletter. Sign up on the home page. No spam, just a simple weekly update on our going-ons!

Just A Guy Getting Fatter

So, I had a little ski accident that I’ve already written about in “Just A Guy Overcoming His Fear.” The only residual damage I’ve had is that I keep getting fatter and I can’t lose the weight I gained from the period in which I had to be relatively sedentary!  I then went back to my usual routine of working out and couldn’t bloody lose the extra 15 pounds!  What gives? read more