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#DadChat on Thursday evening, June 14th introduced The Change Challenge. Created by Heather Frey aka @SmashFit, it obviously has to do with our lifestyle choices in food, drink, and fitness. Or, does it?  Read the transcript to find out!

Heather Frey is the founder and president of, the first personal trainer and fitness matching website. Think matchmaking for fitness. Heather is also the fitness expert on the NBC show, “Miami Moms” on the NBC Miami Nonstop station and has appeared on CBS4 in Miami as well as written for “SELF Magazine” on topics of health and fitness.  In addition to being an entrepreneur and TV personality, she is also a speaker, writer, trainer, fitness strategist, and Figure Competitor and the creator of The Change Challenge for the Ricki Lake Show.
Heather writes daily about fitness and life strategies which has earned her the honor of  being named one of the “16 Health Experts To Check Out On Twitter” in the Huffington Post. Heather’s words demonstrate she understands that fitness is all in the mind and by motivating and reconditioning the mind, anything is possible.

Yep, below is yours truly doing the half-pipe at Mammoth – those walls are 22-feet high!
My dad, in the thirties, lifting his homemade 100-lb barbell! What a guy! I miss you dad! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Ted Rubin

    I have met Heather in person and she ROCKS! 

    • Heather Frey

      Ditto Ted! XO 

  • Kyle Bradford

    I love the picture of your dad, Bruce.That’s cool.  

    • Bruce Sallan

      Thanks Kyle…he was quite the MAN! #DadChat is Thursday!

  • Heather Frey

    Love your photos Bruce! Ah-MAZING ski shot! And your Dad…wow. Ahead of his time 😉 

  • netster

    Hi Bruce, your dad rocks! Did you follow the footstep? I know you did on the ski but what about the barbell? 😀

    p/s hello Heather 😀

    • Bruce Sallan

      My dad indeed “rocked” and he was one of those men who could make and fix anything. I struggle changing a light bulb!

      • netster

        Hahaha 😀

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