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Carla Birnberg and her daughter

#DadChat will be discussing Family Fitness this Thursday, March 29 fro 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PST with special co-hosts Carla Birnberg aka @MizFitOnline and Jacqueline Carly aka @Fitarella.

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#DadChat is the chat for anyone who was a child or is a parent. Moms, Dad, Aunts, Uncles, or your dogs and cats are all welcome. We have a great community and I invite you to join us!

Carla Birnberg, AKA MizFIt, is an award winning writer, community builder, personal trainer, and bodybuilding competitor.

A blogger since 2001, she launched MizFitOnline in 2007 to share her health and fitness knowledge with those who might not have access to one-on-one training.

Carla was identified by as one of ten individuals who exemplify the ability to create a strong personal brand, named as one of Five Favorite Fitness Blogs by Athleta® brand and voted one of the Top Five Fitness Blogs by Shape Magazine®.

Carla serves as fitness expert and regular guest on Mom Talk Radio and Dr.Fitness & the Fat Guy. Her motivational videos can be found at

Most recently she was voted one of Austin’s Fittest Moms, selected People’s Choice in the Fila Real Women model casting call , chosen to be one of the first group of Fitfluential ambassadors. , named one of the Top Ten Exercise/Fitness Experts on Twitter and recognized as a “must read” fitness blog by

In her spare time, she juggles fulltime motherhood, filming motivational/exercise videos, crafting irreverent tweets, recording a biweekly podcast all without breaking a sweat….and, when she does, she simply calls it cardio.

Her health motto (& life motto) is …fitness isn’t about fitting in.

Jacqueline Carly

Jacqueline Carly is an ex-chronic dieter turned healthy living advocate. Her childhood, adolescence & young adulthood was spent trying every diet, pill & shake imaginable (and unimaginable). By the time she was 16 she had developed a severe eating disorder that would eventually take over her life for the next 7 years. But she is one of the lucky ones. The treatment success rate of an eating disorder sufferer is very, very small. However, with the love & support of family, friends, and a very good therapist she was able to beat her disease and has been in recovery for over 11 years now. Her site was born out of her passion for spreading the word about living a healthy, fit, fun, full life and over the years she’s had the honor of helping many people successfully transform their lives. Jacq’s motto is, being fit & healthy isn’t about restriction, deprivation or self-punishment. It is about self-love, mindfulness and respect for your body.

Jacqueline is a mom, a Board Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor, Certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, CrossFit Endurance Coach, Yoga Instructor and TV host. She loves working with publications/brands that are aligned with her philosophy, give inspiring talks on “Whole Living”, and work one-on-one with coaching clients. Jacq was also the number one vote getter in Oprah’s online competition “Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star” with 9.4 million verified votes! She graduated the renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, has a BS in Business and Leadership Summa Cum Laude at Northeastern University and is in the final stages of completing her Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition. She is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, a member of Yoga Alliance, the American Holistic Medical Association, the Association for Size Diversity and Health, and the Eating Disorder Coalition for Research, Policy and Action.

  • manvdadhood

    Love the idea of a healthy family! My wife and I were just talking about how Tennis is one of the ways MY family was able to be active at all ages, and hiking was how hers did.  My daughter just took her first shot at rock climbing last week with her “Papa”.  There’s NO excuse to me for families to be inactive!  I’m looking forward to this one!

    • Bruce Sallan

      Tennis used to be MY sport. Still play occasionally but skiing is #1 for me! Should be a great chat with our great co-hosts, JB! Be sure to mark down April 12 for a VERY SPECIAL #DadChat guest host!

      • manvdadhood

        It’s marked on my calendar, even though I don’t know why yet. 😉

        • Bruce Sallan

          Why? Because we love you!

  • Amberr Meadows

    She is truly an inspiration. I’m finally going to get a chance to tune in to this chat. Hurray!

    • Bruce Sallan

      Great Amberr! You will love #DadChat…or your money back! 

  • Brian Vickery

    Sounds like a good one, Bruce. You know I’m a huge fan of healthy living. I am also discovering it is more about the diet than it is the exercise. Then, you generally discover that you not only need to cut out the bad stuff – but you probably need even *more* calories to keep the body from thinking it is starving.

    Good luck with this week’s #DadChat!

    • Bruce Sallan

      Diet becomes the bigger problem the older you get is my sad discovery! I can’t exercise enough to lose the recent weight I’ve gained…I just have to eat less! But, I LOVE to eat! Ugh.

      • Brian Vickery

        So do I..just make sure you are not putting your body in starvation mode where it is holding on to the bad stuff. I’m actually waiting to get a CaloriePoint assessment, so I can find out what my “resting” calorie burn is. Kris thinks I am not eating enough, and that is why I’m not losing the weight I’d like to shed. I’m exercising, and eating good stuff, but I may need to eat even more.

        Clear as mud, right?

        • Bruce Sallan

          I definitely do NOT have that problem…I KNOW I’m eating (and drinking) too much for my age and current metabolic rate!

  • Janet Callaway

    WOW! WOW! WOW! Thanks so much for the introduction to Carla. Look forward to meeting her Thursday on #DadChat

    • Bruce Sallan

      Me, too!

  • @MimiBakerMN

    Excited to be at the chat tonight. I’ve been exercising and it feels great. Not seeing any changes and might have a few questions. Moving on with my life has me taking care of ME, too. =) I know there’s muscle and flexibility in here somewhere. heh heh heh

    • Bruce Sallan

      Patience, diligence, and diet…easy for me to say! I’m 25 pounds over-weight! For the first time in my whole life! #DadChat