Just A Guy Getting Fatter

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So, I had a little ski accident that I’ve already written about in “Just A Guy Overcoming His Fear.” The only residual damage I’ve had is that I keep getting fatter and I can’t lose the weight I gained from the period in which I had to be relatively sedentary!  I then went back to my usual routine of working out and couldn’t bloody lose the extra 15 pounds!  What gives?

My doc actually thinks the head injury might’ve affected what he calls each person’s “set point” where his or her weight tends to stay.  Sounds far-fetched but at least that theory takes me off the hook for getting fatter.  But, it means I have to actually now change my diet and really watch my intake.  I don’t want to do that.

My younger son also has a minor weight issue, has his whole life, as he is one of those kids who just carry a little extra layer on him.  He has the legitimate excuse that his metabolism has always been that way, but he’s now firmly committed to do more exercise.  What’s my excuse?

I already exercise more than enough so I have to change my diet.  The result of all this is, as is so often the case, that I’ve become more empathetic to those who have struggled to lose weight all their lives.  My son being the closest example.  Why does it always take experiencing “it” ourselves for us to be sensitized to other’s pain or am I just a guy?