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No, we’re not talking about School Choice. Parent Choice is simply my way of saying that this week’s #DadChat – on Thursday, February 7 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT/9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET – is open to anything YOU want to discuss.

Some recent columns of mine might be worthwhile fodder for discussion such as my column on Politically Correct Words – and words being co-opted of their meanings. Also my various Men vs. Women columns are certainly good fun to discuss. Finally, my recent radio show on how Men and Women approach Sex might also be fun to chat about!

Finally, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I have a cool giveaway/prize. Your BestNameNecklace makes necklaces in which you can simply put a loved one’s name or your twitter handle. I have a $45 gift certificate to send to a winner this week. As usual, you will have to EARN the prize!

How about skipping that $5 Starbucks latte and splurging $2.99 (for the Kindle on Amazon) or $2.79 for the PDF of my new e-book? Enjoy my own informercial for it! This e-book is really a virtual journey. It’s filled with 100 photos, 7 original videos, and links to many of the stops on the trip. Click on the book cover image below to find your purchase options:

  • Daniel Alexander

    Good luck tonight Bruce.

    • Bruce Sallan

      Thursday night is #DadChat @danielalex_book:twitter – try and join us sometime!

      • Daniel Alexander

        One day Bruce, one day.
        It’s on the list of goals: to get to America 🙂
        So I can be in a similar timezone.

        • Bruce Sallan

          Well, one obstacle you don’t have @DanielAlex_Book:twitter is a place to stay in Los Angeles – we’ve got a guest room for you!

          • Daniel Alexander

            Thanks Bruce.
            I’ll probably take you up on that one day.

  • dadofdivas

    I will be trying to make it… don’t know for certain yet!

  • Sonya

    I’ll be there! 🙂

  • Sam HaveSippy

    have fun with it  🙂