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Unstrumental - Acapella - Group pose

This photo and all in this column are only of the acapella group, Unstrumental

Diversity is one of those words, like multiculturalism, that I truly dislike because they are so often used in politically correct and foolish ways. For me, it’s like saying, “gender” instead of “sex,” when referring to a man or a woman. What was wrong with just saying “sex?” But, like all things PC, the politically correct segment of our society has horribly corrupted words. Rape now means any sex that a woman regrets afterward INSTEAD of the violent crime that it really is.

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Can a Banana be Politically Correct?

Banana - Sex Ed - KidsIt’s time our Moral Question of the Week took on something hard! The other day my wife threw out, what appeared to me, perfectly good bananas. She said because they were covered with brown spots she believed that they were no longer good. She said doctors say there’s too much sugar in them at that point. I always thought that the slightly brown-patched bananas were actually better and tastier. What do you think?

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School Today

When I went to primary school way back in the B&W days of no remote control and transistor radios and rotary phones, my parents had little to do or worry about when I headed out the door. In fact, they had little to worry about after school as well because I rode my bike wherever I wanted as long as I got home before dark. Mom made sure I carried a dime “just in case” I needed to call home. It’s slightly different now!

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Racism and Other Isms

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Featured guests:

Cherylyn Harley LeBon – Co-Chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board – for “Political Talk.”

Pastor Drew Sams for “Spiritual Talk.”

Dr. Jennifer Weberman (The Parenting Playground) for “Therapy Talk.”

Special Guest, Jeffrey Lee talking about Genetic Anti-Aging (SilverLining21)

Today’s radio show is inspired by this week’s “A Dad’s Point-of-View” column, Am I Racist? Racism is always a hot topic, but we may also touch on the goings-on in D.C. How can we not?

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Men vs. Women: Sexism, Perception, and Reality

Cartoon about sexism

I love writing this blog series. Why? Because I get to poke holes in the conventional, contemporary politically correct stereotypes. And, I sincerely believe that the differences between men and women are genuine and trying to conflate them to fit some academic model of humanity simply denies our humanity. And, for those that know me, I like to provoke…discussion. I’m still waiting for some ardent feminists or Women’s Studies students or professors to weigh in with their comments. So, shall we take on Sexism? Yeah, let’s go for it and I’m going to reveal an embarrassing story along the way!

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Morning After Pill Ruling BS

I was asked by HuffPostLive to make a video comment for a segment they were preparing about the Morning After PIll and an activist judge’s ruling. This is what I said. I believe EVERY word in this short rant. I believe it’s ABSURD that a judge can legislate. I believe that a child THAT YOUNG should NOT have access to any sort of prescription meds. Kids need to be 16 to drive, 18 to smoke or enlist, and 21 to drink, but it’s OKAY that they can get birth control – after the fact , the morning after pill- at ANY AGE? C’mon, even you lefties have to see the craziness of this? Are we becoming like a totalitarian regime where The State parents OUR kids? This is yet another case of Political Correctness gone MAD!

Note: The “BS” in the title is simply my initials…