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I’ve exhaulted the value of commenting for ages, including in my column, Why I Comment All the Time. Lately, my life has been so hectic that my commenting has devolved to a slight drizzle. Consequently, so have the comments on my web-site. Think there’s a correlation?

NOTE: We filled up our thirty spots in 24 hours! There will be turnover, so stay in touch for those opening spots!

At #blogchat the other night, we were discussing this very fact and my belief that a Comment Posse is a great way to jumpstart a new blog – and keep an old one vital. So, I’ve started a new Comment Posse.

What’s a Comment Posse?

Simply, it’s a group of like-minded folks, who respect and agree to comment on each other’s columns/blogs. It’s a simple Quid Pro Quo relationship where I scratch your back and you give me a full massage. Just kidding.

I’ve formalized this via a Triberr Tribe called The Comment Posse. Now, I want to invite bloggers who are willing to commit to it! That commitment means you will tweet out everyone’s feed – when it’s relevant to your followers – and you will endeavor to comment on many, if not all of them.

Naturally, it means the same for you – you get your columns tweeted by the tribe and comments in return – it’s called Quid Pro Quo (anyone know what that means?). This does NOT mean you or other tribe-mates have to tweet or comment on every single post in the stream. We will seek ONLY those bloggers/writers that post a limited amount of no more than 6 or so times per week and do not do giveaway type blogs much, if at all.

In my case, I post about 6 times a week, but really only 2-3 of my full-length columns merit comments. My #DadChat pre-post, for example does not, nor does my Radio Show and comic strip posts. If a member of the Tribe wants to comment on all, that’s swell. I hope and expect most all will be tweeted though.

The content of each other’s blogs can and should be varied. I do not want a limited world view with this tribe. There’s value in learning about other things from smart peeps like those that will be in this tribe!

I’m going to monitor the members of our tribe. Susan Cross (@SusanCross1) – is the first member! We have 28 more spots! And I’m going to be a strict Chief and banish those from the tribe who do not participate in body and soul to the Social Media out-lands! Are you in? If so, hit me up with a tweet or email ([email protected]). If you’re not a member of Triberr, join first (it’s free), and then hit me up…but be gentle, please?


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