What’s Next for ME in #SocialMedia, #Media, and #Writing?

Mid-Life Crisis

Last year, at this time, I hit a wall when I attended a dad conference. I looked around the room and realized THIS was not me anymore. I was older than the vast majority of dads in the room. Their issues, their lives, their passions were greater than mine as I was “moving on” given my boys were nearly grown. I briefly got depressed, but quickly got out of that self-indulgence and decided on taking a fork in the road with my next (professional) moves.

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Social Media Social Good: comment Comment COMMENT

Blog commenting

I’ve been a comment evangelist for a long time. I believe it is one of the best tools to advance your “influence” and presence online. Its rewards are many and it’s one of the easiest things to do. In my early days writing and blogging and learning Social Media, I developed a strategy of commenting that I believe served me well. Social Media is to a large degree – as I’ve chosen the name for this blog series – about Social Good, at least as I choose to view and use it. Commenting will help you achieve results in doing good, doing well, and doing better.

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Join Our Comment Posse on Triberr

I’ve exhaulted the value of commenting for ages, including in my column, Why I Comment All the Time. Lately, my life has been so hectic that my commenting has devolved to a slight drizzle. Consequently, so have the comments on my web-site. Think there’s a correlation?

NOTE: We filled up our thirty spots in 24 hours! There will be turnover, so stay in touch for those opening spots!

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