Dad’s Cool

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Dad's Cool

Dad gets a 2012 Ford Flex to take his son to college. Even though I’m NOT That Dad, I got one, too – on loan from Ford for our cross-country trip to Boston! I have to say I felt so cool!

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  • dadblunders

    LOL…Bruce I think I feel that way already sometimes! I know overall I am cool in the eyes of my 3-year-old son but I am already losing my edge. We are going through this stage of, “you wrong…i’m right” and he’s killing me on it. I am so glad he’s my child because I don’t think I could stand being so wrong all the time by any other kids….lol

    P.S. Fords ROCK!!
    My first Ford was a 1984 Ford F-150 (how I miss that truck…so want another one someday), then a 1991 Escort (still on the road today…my parents actually took it from me), 2001 Taurus (I still own it but need a new headlight now….sigh) and a 2007 Ford Escape (still own it too and love it!)


    • Bruce Sallan

      I’m amazed how many #Ford folk are in our community, Aaron. I’m LOVING my Flex and really hope to nurture the relationship with this great American company!

  • David Weber

    When did a Ford become cool?

    • Bruce Sallan

      Ever heard of the Mustang? And, now the Flex – thanks to “Dad!” lol…