Berklee Music Jam – I’m NOT That Dad #32

Category: I'm Not that Dad

In May, 2012 my son Arnie invited a bunch of entering freshman from The Berklee College of Music over to our house for an impromptu Berklee music jam session. This is a taste of what took place.

  • TheRealMattDaddy

    There were some real shining moments in that video, and I’m sure there were many more that were not shown.  But a room full of virtuoso talent does not always make the best music.  It would be interesting to have the same jam session after they graduate and see how much different the playing/singing is.  How amazing will they be when they all learn to lay back, lock in, and share the spotlight?  Very cool beginning to a very amazing journey for your son as a musician (and you as a father, of course).

    • Bruce Sallan

      I completely agree, Matt!

  • dadblunders

    Music is the heart of the soul! I would love to think you are seeing the beginning of a successful music careers. I wish public schools placed more emphasize on the arts and music again. I understand the need for standardized tests but i feel we are losing some of the creative edge we have as a nation.


    • Bruce Sallan

      I so agree, Aaron. My son has found HIS passion, for sure. Where it takes him I have no idea, but it is guiding him without a doubt!