Dad’s Cool

Dad's Cool

Dad gets a 2012 Ford Flex to take his son to college. Even though I’m NOT That Dad, I got one, too – on loan from Ford for our cross-country trip to Boston! I have to say I felt so cool!

TY @VoogDesigns for another Because I Said So comic strip! Do take advantage of his special caricature offer in our ad section (scroll down a bit on the right)!

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A Family Downsizing

family downsizing

Family downsizing. No, I’m not referring to an economic downturn, though there are aspects of that to this story. This is about a family of seven that is becoming a family of four. One year ago our family consisted of my wife and me, our two boys, and our three dogs. In the past year, we lost two of our dogs and our older son will be going away to college – out-of-state – in the fall.

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