Just A Guy Farting

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Okay, let’s admit it.  We guys tend to let loose with the occasional bodily “expression,” and in the case of me and my boys, we really do enjoy hearty burping or guy farting.  In fact, we have a family tradition of saying “Ralph” when we burp.  Try it sometime; you’ll crack up.

This is another significant difference between men and women.  Not only do we enjoy it; we validate each other for a “good one.”  While my wife was gone, caring for her mother recently, it allowed my boys and I to revert to our Neanderthal behaviors.  You know, the stuff that comes “naturally.”

We enjoyed and complimented each other on our flatulations.  When we did a particularly resonant “Ralph,” we gave each other a big “attaboy.”  What men/boys do among themselves is something that has been lost today.

The “Ralph” thing came from a group of my high school friends who used to go to a local burger joint.  One of us, Marty Polacki, would drink a coke via a straw, in record time (under 6 seconds).  We’d wait patiently for the result.  Finally, with great drama, he’d let loose with a magnificent “Ralph,” and I’ve been mimicking it ever since, passing it on to the next generation of boys—mine.

Men used to also get good things in their gender based groups.  Lessons about survival in tribes of old, but other lessons about how to be a man, the proper way to treat women, honor, yes HONOR, and other masculine ideals that I feel have lost their value and presence in today’s world.  While farting may not be missed by much of society, the rest is sorely lacking and hurts us all.  But, what do I know; I’m just a guy (who farts occasionally).

If you want to see a VERY funny video that is sort of a companion piece to this blog, go to YouTube and search for “Farting In Bed.”  It’s hysterical.