Just A Guy Farting

Okay, let’s admit it.  We guys tend to let loose with the occasional bodily “expression,” and in the case of me and my boys, we really do enjoy hearty burping or guy farting.  In fact, we have a family tradition of saying “Ralph” when we burp.  Try it sometime; you’ll crack up.

This is another significant difference between men and women.  Not only do we enjoy it; we validate each other for a “good one.”  While my wife was gone, caring for her mother recently, it allowed my boys and I to revert to our Neanderthal behaviors.  You know, the stuff that comes “naturally.” read more

Just A Guy Reviewing A Movie: Away We Go

Away We Go is the newest movie from director Sam Mendes (Road to Perditiion, American Beauty) and, unlike his bigger budgeted studio productions; this feels like a labor of love; like an independent film.  It’s a charming movie with just the right mix of humor, reality, and poignancy.  It had this viewer laughing, relating, and crying at various times which, given my cynical view of Hollywood lately, is quite an achievement.

Oddly enough, it feels like the movie companion piece to a book I reviewed for momlogic called American Parent by Sam Apple.  That book was about a soon-to-be father’s journey of discovery when his wife became pregnant.  He researched various trends in parenting and giving birth, and approached it all with a healthy dose of wonder and are-you-kidding-me, when he dealt with some of the fringe movements. read more