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Good Boy Roy - Zach Hix

We all read about having a “challenging” child. The challenges can range from simple behavior issues to a wide-range of diagnosed learning disabilities and illnesses. It seems to me it’s hard enough – these days – to raise good kids, period. Imagine when you add the stress of a real illness or a real challenging mental or learning disorder to the mix?

How do you cope? How does a relationship/marriage cope? What if you are doing the parenting alone? How much help is available in the public sphere? Do friends stay or abandon you? Do relatives? Who do you turn to, to simply rant or share a hard day’s frustration? THIS is the topic for #DadChat on Thursday, May 30 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT/9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET. Prizes tonight – read further for details and images.

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Our special co-host is a #DadChat regular Kim Hix who together with her son, Zach is confronting this sort of challenge HEAD-ON and with such a positive spirit. Zach and Kim are generously giving away three prize packages at this week’s #DadChat. BUT, as usual, you will have to earn the prizes! One winner per family, please.

Kim Hix co-host of #DadChat

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Fun, #Community, and Choosing Hope at #DadChat Thursday 6pmPT/9pmET – #Prizes too

Do you have a challenging kid? How do you cope? Who do you turn to? Come to  #DadChat Thursday!

Prize #1 – God Rocks t-shirt and new Good Boy Roy and friends coloring book
Prize #2  – We’re All Characters t-shirt and Good Boy Roy and friends coloring book
Prize #3  – T-shirt of YOUR choice and a Good Boy Roy cinch sac
What is Good Boy Roy?
Good Boy Roy is a business simply of Hope. Hope for the future, for better things, and to make a difference somehow in the lives of others. Created to share the fun and whimsical characters all created and drawn by now 17-year old Zack Hix. Cartoon characters are nothing new and cute characters on t-shirts are nothing by themselves. What does make this brand, business and story unique is that the creator, Zack Hix, is a young man that developed his passion and talent of creating characters during his journey with mental illness. Plagued by multiple, complicated neuropsychiatric challenges, drawing became his solace and way to express himself.
Good Boy Roy t-shirt
The best way to describe the designs and dream is to imagine Life is Good  meets The Simpsons. The characters created by Zack are a family of friends, each with their own personality, better known as The Good Boy Roy gang, that includes Rocker RickLaughing Lizzie, Zman, Handsome Hen, Hippie Heather and more. The hope is that someday these characters are on merchandise of every kind, AND and that they are the inspiration for a cartoon series on TV, with Zack being the voice of Roy.
Hope and Love t-shirt
Good Boy Roy, the business and brand, was launched to share with the world this story of hope, determination and overcoming challenges.
 Enjoy this magazine feature all about Good Boy Roy, titled Boy Wonder
 and this video put together for a Crowdfunding project, which explains more about what GBR is and lets you “meet” Zack.
Good Boy Roy Angry Allen t-shirt
Final Note from Bruce: Good Boy Roy was created to share ……  and allow Zack to hopefully support himself someday doing what he loves to do, draw and create. This is the challenge he and his family face. We can help by buying their products and perhaps finding a company or investor who sees all the GREAT potential in his work – objectively – ’cause it’s cool and cool sells!