My Parents’ Love Affair

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My parents had the greatest love story, love affair of them all! I threw a 50th Wedding Anniversary surprise party for them in June, 1989. This was way before packaged videos of events. I hired a new videographer who basically just “shot” the event. I prepared my own visual presentation at the party and that is what you’ll be seeing in this 14-minute video. I hope you appreciate it. I was once young!

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Low Res Wide book cover - The Empty-Nest Road Trip Blues - love affair

  • audaciouslady

    Aww that’s cute. 

    • Bruce Sallan

      @twitter-16091340:disqus thx, I can’t believe how young I was and how amazing their love was…that was 24 years ago! 

  • ginavalley

    What a great video!  Yes, you certainly were young in it.  Time flies here, too. 😉
    I was amazed by the picture of you your first year of college.  Your older son looks so much like you in that picture in the pictures of him heading off to his first year of college.
    Wonderful tribute.  Your parents must have been thrilled!

    • Bruce Sallan

      Thx so much @ginavalley:disqus ! My parents are gone now, but my mom was soooo surprised by this party it was wild. Back in those days, no one had video-graphers. I simply hired a video cameraman who brought one of those HUGE cameras back then. My slide show was what the technology offered then. The pianist knocked it out of the park with his accompaniment which he did more or less spontaneously. It’s a precious memory and I so encourage people to do these things WHILE THEIR loved ones are around to appreciate it. Not too many years after this event, my parents began their inevitable decline but, more importantly, so many of those in attendance at this party died in the short few years after it. 

      Having this reminder is so important to me AND my sons…who didn’t know their grandparents as vital as they were most of their lives!

  • karen cote

    What a lovely and fun presentation. Thank you so much for sharing your parents with us. It looks like you had a lot of fun making this and given the resources…very creative and nicely done. Humor obviously runs rampant in your family tree and your parents were beautiful. Loved the search in the world for that special “one”. Your dad at the Wailing Wall. LOL. Your dad was kinda hot in those early days, huh, not to mention your mom’s revolutionary moment. hehehe. Thanks for sharing. It was a wonderful tribute and your parents must have loved it.

    • Bruce Sallan

      Thanks @google-4ffe03a943a120da583d6fd282c7ade7:disqus –  I now feel my parents are memorialized forever on the web!