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empty nest with ford

The 2013 Ford Flex

Thursday, August 23 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT, we discussed The Empty Nest Syndrome at #DadChat. THIS Dad is feeling it big-time because my first-born is starting college at The Berklee College of Music later this month. It’s my belief that this topic has too often focused on how moms feel “losing” their kids. Well, dads go through similar feelings…heck we ALL do! It was a busy and fun night: here’s the transcript.

Substitute the mom for a dad and you got ME!

FORD has generously loaned me a brand-new LOADED 2013 Ford Flex for the cross-country, nearly 3000-mile drive, taking my boy off to college. We needed a BIG car ’cause he’s got a full brand-new drum set to take with him!

This is the car FORD has loaned us for the drive! WOW!

Homework for this #DadChat is my post all about our trip: The Empty-Nest Cross-Country Road-Trip to College with Ford

My son woke up to THIS in our driveway!

We were joined at #DadChat by Scott Monty aka @ScottMonty and Daniel Corsetti aka @DanielCorsetti from FORD. They gave away FIVE gift-pack giveaways consisting of a Ford Flex computer friendly backpack, a Ford Flex 32-ounce water bottle, a Ford Flex pen, and a Ford Flex fold-out blanket.

The 2013 Ford Flex in our driveway! It is incredible!


  • Sonya

    Just published your column, Bruce! We’ll all be crying with you when you fly back on the 5th! 🙁 What a wonderful opportunity for you to be spending time together. Sad but a special time. Looking forward to #DadChat. (LOVE that car! We’ll all want one now!)

    • Bruce Sallan

      I love it too, Sonya…gonna be hard to leave it and my boy behind!

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  • woodhana

    Great pics. Can’t wait to read about the adventure.

    • Bruce Sallan

      Thx Brad! I will be documenting this trip TO DEATH! LOL…#DadChat

  • Jerry D.

    So why do we need to do to be involved in the chat with you and Ford, and to be eligible for the giveaways?

    • Bruce Sallan

      Simply show up! Do you need to learn about how to participate in Tweet Chats? If so, let me know and I’ll send you a link…

  • Kjell Kallman

    Hi Bruce, 
    Saw your post via Scott and dropped by to take a look. I have a son at Syracuse, 3rd year architecture and just dropped him off on Tuesday. We left at 5:15 from Michigan and as the sun rose up, I looked over at Sam, who was sleeping, and recalled some of the other times we shared together growing up. Great moment. Hard moment too for I know this reminds me that our lives are changing and this is the part of being a dad that most people don’t tell you about.

    Your right. We dads get to struggle with the emotions of letting our kids grow up and become the adults they are meant to be. The good part about all this is when they come home for the holidays and summer vacation, you get to rediscover your relationship together. That’s another great moment too.

    After doing this now for two years, I’ll tell you it does get a little easier. I only well up for the first few miles on the return trip rather than most of ride home.

    Drive safe.

    • Bruce Sallan

      I’m just hoping he ONLY comes home “just for the holidays!” As for your good wish of “Drive safe,” I’m presently at the Ford dealer in Kingman, AZ as our car broke down and, so far, they can’t figure out why!? I guess it adds to the adventure?

      • Kjell Kallman

        Oh dang! Well, I’m sure they will figure something out or get you a rental … Hang in there and keep posting! 

        • Bruce Sallan

          It’s all part of the adventure! FORD has been incredibly responsive and GREAT. I’m now in an Edge! Loving it!

          • Kjell Kallman

            Yep – Mr. Monty and Company are the best. So you were able to get a full drum set plus all the other 1st year college “stuff” into an Edge eh? That’s pretty cool. Have a great “adventure” and we’ll look forward to reading all about it>

          • Bruce Sallan

            First the Flex and then the Edge – both GREAT automobiles!