Dad’s Empty Nest

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Dad's Empty Nest

Dad is sad. His first-born is heading off to college. And, he’s now stuck with just “Son.” Ah, Dad’s empty nest.

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  • dadblunders

    I wonder how much truth is actually in this though. I have a feeling there is a lot of truth in this for a lot of “other fathers” not you since your not that dad!!!


    • Bruce Sallan

      I agree, Aaron…I know my home will NOT be the same!

      • dadblunders

        For myself I look towards that day in the future with happiness (for my son) and sorrow (because I know life will have changed once again.) I now just live each day to the fullest and never take it for granted.


        • Bruce Sallan

          You’re a wise man, Aaron!

  • Seattledad

    I dread that day as well.  And that is even though mine will be going to the college where I work!

    • Bruce Sallan

      Don’t count on it! lol…

  • MimiBakerMN

    ugh…letting them go is SO hard. I’ve done it twice now and it doesn’t get easier. lol I’m thankful to have my 2 boys home with me still. yay

    • Bruce Sallan

      Was the first the hardest thought, Mimi? Missed you at #DadChat last night…really hope you’ll join us next Thursday, August 23, when we’ll be talking about The Empty Nest Syndrome!

  • JudyMartin

    I’m gonna send out some love to the younin….. poor baby… #luv4theyounin – Dad now you have lots o time to really truly uncover your fabulous relationship with peep #2. 🙂 @JudyMartin8

    • Bruce Sallan

      Thx Judy, but I think I’m the one that’s more rattled! LOL…we’ll be talkin’ The Empty Nest at #DadChat Thursday!

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  • David Weber

    For me, some similar feelings — although obviously not as profound or existential or (because there is always a new crop of students) identity-altering — accompany the graduation of my favorite students. I tease them that I will be flunking them so that they will have to stay with us one more semester.