The Empty-Nest Road Trip Blues: Chapter 9 – Boston, Here We Come

Moving along, it’s time for Day Nine aka Chapter 9Boston, Here We Come. I relate our last day “on the road” and the surprises that greeted us on arrival in Boston.

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Book Cover from The Empty Nest Boston, Here we come

The Empty Nest was at #DadChat – with Ford

empty nest with ford

The 2013 Ford Flex

Thursday, August 23 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT, we discussed The Empty Nest Syndrome at #DadChat. THIS Dad is feeling it big-time because my first-born is starting college at The Berklee College of Music later this month. It’s my belief that this topic has too often focused on how moms feel “losing” their kids. Well, dads go through similar feelings…heck we ALL do! It was a busy and fun night: here’s the transcript.

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Dad’s Empty Nest

Dad's Empty Nest

Dad is sad. His first-born is heading off to college. And, he’s now stuck with just “Son.” Ah, Dad’s empty nest.

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