The Olympics and #Sports at #DadChat with @SmashFit

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It’s Olympics time again. We are deluged with commercials and hours and hours of important sports events such as archery, badminton, and rowing oh, and let’s not forget table tennis! What was once a pure “Amateur” world event now has Roger Federer and Kobe competing. How sports have affected all of us was this week’s #DadChat topic. Are you one of those over-bearing soccer parents? Do you live vicariously through your kids athletic endeavors? We talked about all this Thursday, August 2 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PT. We also discussed the P&G commercials in The Olympics. They were invited to join #DadChat but did not show up. If interested, here is the full transcript.

Heather Frey aka @SmashFit was our co-host!

Heather Frey is the founder and president of, the first personal trainer and fitness matching website. Think matchmaking for fitness. Heather is also the fitness expert on the NBC show, “Miami Moms” on the NBC Miami Nonstop station and has appeared on CBS4 in Miami as well as written for “SELF Magazine” on topics of health and fitness.  In addition to being an entrepreneur and TV personality, she is also a speaker, writer, trainer, fitness strategist, and Figure Competitor and the creator of The Change Challenge for the Ricki Lake Show.

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Below, are some of my favorite photos from the London Olympics! Please brings yours to this #DadChat!

Don’t try this at home!