Just A Guy and Bleeding

Category: Just A Guy

I’m going to reveal yet another male dirty little secret to add to my blogs on “Looking” and “Farting.”  We men don’t understand, feel comfortable around, or really “get” women and their bleeding.  Of course we know what it’s about, but women talk to us about it like we would talk about having a runny nose. But it’s bleeding.

My wife just went through an emergency that related to this part of female plumbing.  We ended up in the ER and I ended up doing the laundry.  I held her hand, I listened, I was worried, and the two doctors even showed me pictures and tried to explain.

All I cared about was that she was going to be okay.  Thankfully, they reassured me she would be fine after a procedure that sounded like unstopping a plugged up toilet with a mile-long roto-rooter whirling suction device.   I nodded numbly, feigning knowledge, and not feigning concern and relief.

I wonder if there’s an equivalent male bodily function that women struggle with understanding?  Of course certain male sexual peccadilloes qualify as completely disgusting to women, but that isn’t understanding; that’s just distain.  Does our dislike of shaving qualify?  How about burping?

Given that most of us actually do know how to change a diaper, our disgust over the smell of wipees doesn’t really surprise our women, but instead provides a good laugh for them.  Women can see our plumbing, at least the most obvious parts of it, so that’s no surprise though yet another potential laugh.  Well, I guess I just don’t know.  After all, I’m just a guy.