Is IT a Blog, a Column, an Essay, an Article, OR WHAT?

Is there a difference between a blog a column, or an article? I fervently believe so, though I’ve read nothing about it (not that it hasn’t been written). As a fan of the #blogchat TweetChat, which is all about the world of blogging, I often find myself thinking about these definitions. I assert each form of writing is quite different and has its own distinctions. I write all three and am quite aware of their differences (to me). Let’s start backwards with the blog.

To me, when I blog, I follow these general rules. I keep the length between 250 – 500 words. I care less about perfect sentence structure, even grammar, though I always try to spell-check. Again, for me, I like my blogs to be funny whenever relevant. I use colloquial language. I might even swear though generally I avoid that given my “brand” as a parenting writer and radio show host. And, most of all, I have fun. Blogging isn’t work for me. For examples of my blogs, just read some of the “Just A Guy” blogs I used to write for momlogic. There are other samples of blogs there as well.
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Just A Guy, His Wife, and $Money$

Clichés are clichés because they’re usually true.  They say the biggest arguments couples have are over sex, the kids, and money.  True?  You bet.  At least in my house it’s restricted to just one of those – $money$.  Maybe I’ll just do future blogs about the other two subjects ‘cause you know I’m lying about money being the only issue we ever have.

But, this time, we did get in a heated argument over $money$.  I think that second marriages are more complicated on most levels as each partner does bring more history, more literal baggage, and potentially kids, to the marriage.  I brought the baggage of an ugly, angry, costly divorce in which my ex also abandoned my boys.  My present wife has often stated that she feels she’s paying for the sins of my ex.  And, to some degree, she is right. read more

Just A Guy and Bleeding

I’m going to reveal yet another male dirty little secret to add to my blogs on “Looking” and “Farting.”  We men don’t understand, feel comfortable around, or really “get” women and their bleeding.  Of course we know what it’s about, but women talk to us about it like we would talk about having a runny nose. But it’s bleeding.

My wife just went through an emergency that related to this part of female plumbing.  We ended up in the ER and I ended up doing the laundry.  I held her hand, I listened, I was worried, and the two doctors even showed me pictures and tried to explain. read more