Just A Guy Choosing Between Wife and Kids

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The classic second marriage dilemma is the parent of the kids choosing between his or her kids and their spouse.  Recently, I faced that problem times ten with choosing between wife and kids.

First, my wife had a medical emergency that involved paramedics, 911, and a morning rush to the hospital, followed by surgery, recovery, and coming home – all in the same day.  Between it all, I had to deal with my boys getting to and from school and try and do a little necessary work.  While my wife was obviously going through the worst of it, I was completely worn out trying to balance everyone’s needs.

Then, later in the same week, my older son and I had a fight over the stupid ca-ca that sometimes happens between parent and child, and I ended up finally sitting down with him, working things out between us, and then attending a school event of his, in which he was performing.

However, my wife still recovering from her recent surgery was waiting at home for me, for dinner.  The school event took longer than expected, which I forewarned her it might, and I came home to a mad wife.

Classic situation of being caught between the woman I love and the child I’ve raised his whole life.  Dr. Laura says the marriage always comes first (I think she says that).  I say it depends on the circumstances and I’d like to be cut some slack.  It wasn’t an easy week for me either.  But, what do I know, I’m just a guy.