What’s New TODAY?

I have been quite lax in updating this section of the website. My excuse. The dog ate my paper. I’ve got none other than I didn’t feel the need or urge to do this in addition to the weekly e-mail newsletter we send out. You did sign up for it – right up there to your upper left? Please do – you’ll get no spam. But, what is new? I guess for me it’s ALL about Hurricane Sandy and the “natural” reminder of how little we really control and how much we are at God’s mercy and/or our good fortune. My prayers are with the victims. I’m grateful my son – in Boston – is fine and, frankly, I’m grateful I got over my recent minor spat with food poisoning relatively unscathed. Stay tuned. I’ll try and stay on top of this posting more often!

Give a Kid a Shot@Life

I always seem to tout #DadChat in this section of my site. Why? Because I believe it can be  a force for good. No better example is tomorrow evening’s #DadChat, when we’re support a great organization Shot@Life. We will be auctioning off a trip to Vegas and two iPod shuffles. Please join us tomorrow, Thursday May 31, from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT. Other than that, no news – just be sure to check out the latest Because I Said So comic, my date night vlog for I’m NOT That Dad, and my regular columns. Oh, have you signed up for my weekly newsletter? You’ll simply receive a once-a-week email with the goings-on here and at #DadChat – NO spam or your money back!

A Double-Header

This Thursday we are trying something new as #DadChat and #CollegeCash are having a double header! Join us at 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., PST as we discuss college, paying for it, preparing for it – us and our kids, and whether it is good for every kid! New columns are Friends and Politics and #SocialMedia IS the New Billboard. The new Because I Said So is on the home page and I hope you’re enjoying the GREAT artwork from VoogDesigns. He’s offering a great caricature deal for BruceSallan.com and #DadChat fans – just look at the ad on every page on this site. I skied my last day of the season yesterday and I can honestly say, I’m done – for now. Counting down to next season already!

The Boss

Went to see the Boss last night. Amazing show. Lousy seats and WHAT is with starting 70 minutes late? Hope to have some video to post soon. Took my son and a friend and relived taking him to see The Boss about a decade ago, when he didn’t appreciate it. THAT is the best part of parenting…so very cool to share these sort of things! New column is #SocialMedia IS the New Billboard as I continue to add a second weekly column that is usually more Social Media oriented. The new “Because I Said So” is really silly – watch out for “Dad” in the next SI swimsuit issue! Do you think in politically correct terms? I sure as heck don’t and express it in PC Lies – let me know what YOU think? Have YOU signed up for my newsletter yet? And, why not? No spam, just one weekly update that will keep you connected to our great community, #DadChat included!

A #DadChat Record

Last Thursday’s #DadChat was not only fun, informative, but we had our biggest one yet  – a DadChat record – with co-host @CarrieWilkerson: over 26,000,000 MILLION Impressions! Here is the transcript with every tweet and the stats. New column is up – is the secret is out about making money online? Who really is? I open up my veins and expose my plans in this regard! I hope you’re enjoying my I’m NOT That Dad vlogs. The tenth is posted. And, I invite YOU to vlog for us in this invitation. I believe that video blogs – aka vlogs – will be the Next Thing. Check mine out. Try it…

#DadChat Is Having It All

Got a couple fun, new columns up this week. Seven Days Without My iPhone was my true adventure and the REAL challenge I faced on my recent heli-skiing trip. After seeing the new DisneyNature film “Chimpanzee,” I was inspired to write An Ironic Father-Son Story #IRL. You will immediately understand the title upon reading the column. We’ve got great guests lined up for #DadChat, with The Barefoot Executive, Carrie Wilkerson coming this Thursday, April 19 and Mack Collier of #blogchat joining us the following Thursday, April 26. Please don’t forget to mark your calendar for May 17, when Guy Kawasaki is our very special co-host. I hope you’re enjoying my vlogs – the 10th one will be posted tomorrow in the I’m NOT That Dad area. And, stay tooned for the next Because I Said So comic in which dad lets one out…so to speak…this one again taking place at the gym.

Guy Kawasaki co-hosts #DadChat

Last night we had a fun #DadChat (read the transcript) talking about reading our spouse’s minds and what we fight about. Next week is our 1-year anniversary with very special co-host, Guy Kawasaki. Mark your calendars for April 12, 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PST so you don’t miss . I love the new Because I Said So comic, Dad Does the Laundry. Guy Kawasaki! Also, for a run and oh-too-real video, enjoy Road Trip, the latest “I’m NOT That Dad” vlog. I’m finishing up my heli-skiing trip – today is our last full day of skiing. If you’d like to see a bit of videos, go to the DadsPov YouTube Channel. Finally, are you Staying In the Loop? All you have to do to get our weekly newsletter is sign up above! NO spam, NO solicitations, just a short once-a-week newsletter!

#DadChat from 10,000 Feet

I am staying at a lodge literally in the middle of nowhere at 10,000 feet. We flew to Calgary, took a 7-hour bus-ride to a remote location, and then we were helicoptered to a lodge with another 40 people 10,000 feet up. Wi-fi sort of works here but otherwise we are waaayyy out there. Nonethless, we’ve got a fun new column, Can You Read Your Wife’s Mind? #DadChat on Thursday will be Open Mic and if my wi-fi goes down, I’ve got GREAT #DadChat friends to help with the fun open discussion that is Open Mic! Check out the video from our first day of heli-skiing on that link at #DadChat. What else? Well, next Thursday April 12 we will celebrate #DadChat’s 1-year anniversary with VERY SPECIAL guest, Guy Kawasaki. Do NOT miss it. And, be sure to enjoy the new Because I Said So comic, Dr. Blunder Strikes Again.