#DadChat from 10,000 Feet

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I am staying at a lodge literally in the middle of nowhere at 10,000 feet. We flew to Calgary, took a 7-hour bus-ride to a remote location, and then we were helicoptered to a lodge with another 40 people 10,000 feet up. Wi-fi sort of works here but otherwise we are waaayyy out there. Nonethless, we’ve got a fun new column, Can You Read Your Wife’s Mind? #DadChat on Thursday will be Open Mic and if my wi-fi goes down, I’ve got GREAT #DadChat friends to help with the fun open discussion that is Open Mic! Check out the video from our first day of heli-skiing on that link at #DadChat. What else? Well, next Thursday April 12 we will celebrate #DadChat’s 1-year anniversary with VERY SPECIAL guest, Guy Kawasaki. Do NOT miss it. And, be sure to enjoy the new Because I Said So comic, Dr. Blunder Strikes Again.