Generation Gap: Kids as a Second Language

Funny baby photo

How big is the generation gap, really?  What were the slang words of your generation? Mine included groovy and bitchin’ among many others. Every generation has its own slang, dress, general look, and of course, its own music. Every generation looks back at theirs as the best and I actually think this is a darn good thing. For young boys and girls, dressing differently than their parents, listening to different music, and generally speaking their own language is the first step on the road to independence.

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When to Have Kids


The “common” response I get when asking a young couple, or married man or woman, about when they plan on having kids is remarkably consistent. Yes, some say they don’t want children and I totally support that choice. Absolutely do not have ‘em if you don’t want ‘em! But, for the rest, their answers tend to follow this scene:

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