Dad Golfs – Because I Said So

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Dad Golfs

FORE! Dad golfs – so watch out. And, of course he doesn’t know what “Lysistrata” is or why he’s sleeping on the couch…TY @VoogDesigns for another fun and funny Because I Said So comic strip! Do take advantage of his special caricature offer in our ad section (scroll down a bit on the right)!

  • Jetts31

    You better start taking lessons…and quickly.

    • Bruce Sallan

      Jimmy, I’m NOT That Dad…I just write the stuff!

  • David Weber

    I hope you don’t wear that particular hat when you play golf. ┬áThat is going to extend the Lysistrata cut-off. ┬áNice allusion to the Greek play that revolved around a group of women who withheld sex from their men until the men called off a war of choice.