The Ricki Lake Show Promo Shoot

Category: I'm Not that Dad

This spring, a number of #FriendsOfRicki – Ricki Lake that is – gathered in Santa Monica, California to help shoot some promotional videos for the new Ricki Lake show, premiering on September 10, 2012. These friends included @JulieSpira, @LoriMoreno, @GinaMom, and @AllanaPratt, as well as many others I did not see or was unable to video. You can FEEL the love for Ricki Lake from her friends in these short clips. Be sure to tune in when the show premiers this coming September!

  • Dabney Porte

    What a wonderful vlog Bruce!  The Friends of Ricki is the FIRST Social TV Community of its kind and is a BIG part of The Ricki Lake Show! 

    Ricki Lake wants everyone to be a part of the conversation and invites the world to join the FUN of her community >> On Facebook ~ and on Twitter follow @FriendsofRicki and the hashtag #FriendsofRicki 


    • Bruce Sallan

      Thx Dab…it’s so much fun being part of #FriendsOfRicki