While I write many blogs and other types of content throughout the week, the Weekly Column is my weekly feature topic, which will also be the basis of my weekly radio show and #dadchat. Posted on Sunday night or Monday morning, they are a great way to start off your week with something to think about, as well as something to talk about.

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Bills Bills Bills #CustomerService #DadChat

Quote about paying the bills

I just did my bill paying. Well, I sort of did my bill paying. Over the years, I’ve hated doing bills more and more. NOT because of the expense, though that is certainly an unpleasant part of it, but because of the process. Back in the day, we wrote checks, put them in envelopes, licked a stamp, stuck it on an envelope, and mailed it. How quaint. How efficient.

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My Awakening at “Spring Awakening” #DadChat

Spring Awakening

My son recently was the stage manager for a local production of the musical, “Spring Awakening” which he’d declared for a couple of years as his favorite musical. My wife and I had not seen it before this local production and didn’t know the story other than a brief synopsis that our son provided. He was very proud of this particular production so we attended it with great anticipation and excitement.

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The Ex NEVER Goes Away

Quote about the ex-wife

My boys went to visit their mother over the just-passed holidays. They see her infrequently and this visit also included the first visit with their grandmother in about eight years. I got regular texts from each boy expressing different reactions of discomfort about the visit and tension between each other. As with much in life, things don’t go away and the emotions that were raised by this visit for them – and indirectly for me – were powerful. And, not easy. No one ever said life would be easy!

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Why Men HATE #ValentinesDay

Valentine's Day cartoon

No one could ever accuse me of being too PC (politically correct). Just listen to my rant about PC lies! I’m always willing to also address the inherent differences between the sexes, in honest and frank ways. Just read my Men vs. Women blog series. Not only do I hate Valentines Day, I hate using the word, “gender” in place of “sex” when referring to men and women. Sometimes I use “gender” just to avoid the letters I’m bound to receive from the PC police, but since I’m taking on Valentine’s Day, I might as well go for it all at once.

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Reflections on a Turbulent Year

A look back at 2014

I’ve rarely written a “look back” at the year sort of column but this past year had so much drama in it – personally and globally – that I felt it wise to do this simply for my own memories. I want to remember this year.

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I Don’t Have Time (For My #Health) #DadChat

No excuses (to exercise)

I have the greatest car dealer service rep around. So great that I actually get my car serviced AT the dealership which is against my religion (figuratively). We all know we pay more for service at a dealership. But, I bring my car there because I love “Mark,” my service rep.

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What Should @Sony Do? #Politics

Sony - Make Believe

Our Moral Question of the Week is a bit more global in nature but it still does concern what is right and wrong!

Sony Corporation has exhibited some questionable behavior in light of the extensive cyber-attack on them. Should Sony still find a way to release “The Interview?” Should Sony fire Amy Pascal?

And finally, should Sony go ahead with production of “Requiem for an Interview,” starring Al Sharpton and Amy Pascal?

Too Old to Party #DadChat

Cat Party poster - humor

It was my birthday recently and we were invited to a big gala charity event. Before the entertainment began, my wife was nodding off. When she briefly awoke, she nudged me and said, “Let’s go.” Usually, I’m there right beside her wanting to leave and go home to sleep. This time I actually wanted to stay, but you know the saying, “Happy Wife, Happy Life,” so we left and looking on the bright side, we didn’t have to wait long for our car at the valet!

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