What Should @Sony Do? #Politics

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Sony - Make Believe

Our Moral Question of the Week is a bit more global in nature but it still does concern what is right and wrong!

Sony Corporation has exhibited some questionable behavior in light of the extensive cyber-attack on them. Should Sony still find a way to release “The Interview?” Should Sony fire Amy Pascal?

And finally, should Sony go ahead with production of “Requiem for an Interview,” starring Al Sharpton and Amy Pascal?

  • jack43

    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are irrelevant. The black community knows this to be true. I wish the media did. Instead, they shove microphones in their faces every other day. Now Sony is going to consult with Sharpton on how they conduct business? Sad.

    Should Sony produce “Requiem for an Interview”? I don’t know and couldn’t care less. I just think everybody should stop shilling for them. Maybe then we would be able to restart the healing process in our communities. Oh, yeah, of course that will have to wait until we have a new Administration, won’t it?

    • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

      @jack43:disqus – I wish it were true but MSNBC has give Al a platform AS HAS OUR President who constantly seeks his counsel and gives him credibility! It’s not Sony who consulted Al – it was Amy who should be fired INSTANTLY!