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Kids and Careers

Did you know that a recent poll found that the majority of parents feared their kids would not do as well as they had? That is an amazing thing! And, I believe a FIRST in modern American history. What are our kid’s best career options? Should EVERY kid go to college?  What affect will student loan debt have on our children? Is “trade” school a better option for some? What careers are offering great opportunities and which are declining? Let’s discuss this and more with an EXPERT – Mark S. Babbitt – in this field Thursday, October 9 at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET. Mark is generously giving away TWO copies of his book, co-written with Ted Coine, A World Gone Social.

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Mark Babbitt is CEO and Founder of YouTern, a social community for college students, recent graduates and young professionals that Mashable calls a Top 5 Online Community for Starting Your Career.

A prolific blogger and speaker, he is also President of Switch and Shift and a co-founder of ForwardHeroes.org. Mark also joined with Ted Coine to write ‘A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive’ – now available on Amazon and at your local Barnes and Noble.

Mark is the father of five and a grandfather; he and the woman who tolerates him (barely) call Seattle home.

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This week’s #DadChat transcript

  • jack43

    I was a Sea Scout skipper for about 15 years and worked with many young adults. Eight years of that time was spent working with youth incarcerated at a juvenile detention facility. All fretted over their choices. The youth at risk had a hard time seeing if they had any choices at all. The others were confused by too many. Ultimately, the best and only advice I could give them was to be adaptable. The days of working at one job or even one career are long past. They need to focus on basic skills of reading (for comprehension), math (basic ciphering – algebra isn’t for everyone), and communicating effectively (orally and in writing).

    No, not everyone has to go to college. There are many trades begging for skilled workers and they pay well, really well. I’ve met a few plumbers who earned for than college graduates with advanced degrees. Sadly, most of our college students are wasting their time and incurring ridiculous levels of debt to study disciplines for which there is no market.

    The other problem with college is that we have been cursed with a scholarly class who have no experience outside of educational institutions. They were taught by teachers to become teachers. Sadly, they have lost touch with reality and sermonize political ideology more often than instruct students in real life skills. I wish that more were like Hillsdale College. Indeed, at this point, Hillsdale is the only college in the US that I could recommend.

    One of the myths that I had to help them overcome is that work should be fun. Yes, you should enjoy your work – but that goes with job satisfaction not fun (like ha ha).

    Ultimately, our nation needs entrepreneurs. We need them badly. I spent the better part of my life creating new businesses. Some succeeded for a time. Some didn’t. Sadly, government has intervened and I fear that there is little room for entrepreneurs in our world. The government has borrowed all the money there is and spent it all leaving little venture capital to fund entrepreneurs. Those few who attempt to create a business find themselves competing with political entrepreneurs, cronies who are funded by the government to create business failures, but who succeed because they receive govt money regardless of the fact that they fail.

    The bottom line is that I have little good advice to offer. I have less hope to offer. And, I don’t envy youth who are now attempting to navigate this economy.

    • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

      I’m with you @jack43:disqus – still, you should join us tonight and add your thoughts!

      • jack43

        I might but probably won’t. I threw away all my watches, clocks, and calendars since I retired and wouldn’t remember to look at them if I hadn’t. Ah, age. It’s wonderful,…

        • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

          @jack43:disqus – I could call to remind you?!

          • jack43

            Actually, I remembered and tuned in and was going to call. Sadly, I seem to have lost the ability to read and understand schedules. I was there, and you weren’t…

          • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

            @jack43:disqus – read the transcript above!