#Kids and #Careers at #DadChat Thursday – PLUS #Giveaways

Kids and Careers

Did you know that a recent poll found that the majority of parents feared their kids would not do as well as they had? That is an amazing thing! And, I believe a FIRST in modern American history. What are our kid’s best career options? Should EVERY kid go to college?  What affect will student loan debt have on our children? Is “trade” school a better option for some? What careers are offering great opportunities and which are declining? Let’s discuss this and more with an EXPERT – Mark S. Babbitt – in this field Thursday, October 9 at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET. Mark is generously giving away TWO copies of his book, co-written with Ted Coine, A World Gone Social.

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The Other N-Word

Pride in Chinese

No, this is not a column about race. The other N-word is nepotism. It often has a negative connotation but I actually have been re-thinking the word; how nepotism is practiced and felt today, and how I’m going to take this idea and expand it into helicopter parenting. A reach? But, of course!

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