Movie Trivia Contest #1

Category: I'm Not that Dad

So, this is our first Movie Trivia Contest. I’ll be doing it on an irregular basis. I hope it’s fun for you. I love old movies so mostly we’ll focus on older, classic films. The first ten correct answers will win a PDF copy of either of my books – cover images are below. I’m asking for the Honor System and asking that you not use Google to find the answer. Beyond the correct answer, the ten winners will be determined by what interesting facts about this particular movie they share.

Obviously, the first correct answer will be public in the comments section so the movie in question isn’t going to be a mystery long – assuming the answer is correct.┬áBut, your facts or points of trivia will be the determinant of who wins – with me being the arbitrary and sole judge. Ahh, the POWER!

Book Cover from The Empty Nest - movie trivia contest postA Dad's Point-of-View book cover