A Visit to LucasFilm – #Dad2Summit #StarWars #DadChat

As part of the Dad 2.0 Summit this year – in San Francisco – we were privileged to visit the campus of LucasFilm. Here is some video as we walked from their awesome screening room (yes, we did see the Star Wars trailer and it looked incredible) and saw some of the wonderful movie memorabilia and art along the way. We also met some Lucas “friends” that you’ll recognize!

Why I Dislike Hollywood

Photograph of Hollywood Sign

Whenever there’s a mass shooting, the mainstream media and different political factions always want to find someone to blame. The recent shootings at a naval base in D.C. promoted the usual declarations when it was pretty evident that the shooter was simply mentally unstable. So, instead of accusing our society of having a problem, why not just fix the issue of letting mentally unstable people not only have access to guns, but have unfettered freedom?

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Movie Trivia Contest #1

So, this is our first Movie Trivia Contest. I’ll be doing it on an irregular basis. I hope it’s fun for you. I love old movies so mostly we’ll focus on older, classic films. The first ten correct answers will win a PDF copy of either of my books – cover images are below. I’m asking for the Honor System and asking that you not use Google to find the answer. Beyond the correct answer, the ten winners will be determined by what interesting facts about this particular movie they share.

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