Shopping for Valentine’s Day

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Shopping for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day may be our woman’s favorite holiday, but it is definitely NOT “Dad’s” favorite or, for that matter, mine. Shopping for Valentine’s Day is never fun. I wrote about it last here in the column, Guys Hate Valentine’s Day.

How about skipping that $5 Starbucks latte and splurging $2.99 (for the Kindle on Amazon) or $2.79 for the PDF of my new e-book? Enjoy my own informercial for it! This e-book is really a virtual journey. It’s filled with 100 photos, 7 original videos, and links to many of the stops on the trip. Click on the book cover image below to find your purchase options:

  • Daniel Alexander Dinnie

    Stop worrying so much about the presents.
    At least you have a wonderful wife with whom you can spend the day.
    That’s better than any present.

    • Bruce Sallan

      Well don’t forget that “Dad” is NOT ME, Daniel…but for my wife, this stuff REALLY matters!

      • ginavalley

        Being thought of always matters.

        • Bruce Sallan

          But, the PRESSURE!

  • Deone Higgs

    I’m sure you’re going to dazzle her, Bruce! Be creative and remember, every one loves diamonds and chocolate. BTW, loved the video intro of your eBook  Cool Cork frame behind you on the video. I’ve always wanted to make one of those myself. Unfortunately, I have a few more bottles to pop before that happens though. :)) Great comic strip as well. Thanks for sharing.  

    • Bruce Sallan

      Ha! You don’t know my wife @Deone_Higgs:twitter – besides, don’t forget that I’m NOT That Dad!

  • ginavalley

    Lol! Yeah, we don’t want an iron.  Who irons anyway? Personally I like a hand written “What I Love About You” letter.

    • Bruce Sallan

      @GinaValley:twitter – BUT, every woman has their own things they love. My wife, for instance, doesn’t respond to affirmation like that, Gina. It’s important for couples to SHARE what they want. Why is it most women WANT us to read their minds!?

  • Steve (JoeBugBuster) Case

    So many ways to go wrong with Valentines day; maybe easier just to skip it?  😉

    • Bruce Sallan

      Steve, you know THAT is a lose-LOSE!