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The following post originally appeared at MyTownTutors on January 7, as a guest blog. I’ve taken the liberty of re-writing myself a little bit, but please be aware I was asked to write a puff piece about #DadChat so there’s a degree of SSP – Shameless Self-Promotion. Everyone who knows me, knows how quiet and bashful I really am…

Twitter Chats have become extremely popular as I explain and extol in Blogchat: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet. That tweet chat has become a sacrosanct Sunday night appointment for me. I love it. I also respect, enjoy, and sometimes join #CMchat, #CollegeCash, #MediaChat, and #UsGuys – all well worth joining. All such chats allow you to meet great people. #DadChat has developed into a great forum with new and regulars joining us each Thursday evening. Plus, to a degree, it’s become a 24/7 forum for reaching parents vis-à-vis the #DadChat hashtag.

The #DadChat Tweet Chat premiered Wednesday evening, April 20, 2010. It has continued each Thursday, from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PT/9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET. It’s growth has been considerable, as detailed in One-Half Billion, as in “B,” Impressions at #DadChat (the actual number upon recount was 682,000,000).

As a dad writer and radio show host, as well as an author, I continue to feel that the dad’s point-of-view is marginalized while mom bloggers, female talk-show hosts, and much of the MSM (mainstream media) dominate the subject of parenting and family issues.

The reality is it takes two to parent, ideally, and certainly two to “make” a child (barring artificial means).  My view is that dads have as much to offer as moms and that motivated my initial foray into writing.

My writing has grown to include all the micro issues of family, from parenting, marriage, teens, faith, school, college, the impact of technology on our lives, and so much more.

My Social Media activity in both New and Old media is possibly broader and more diverse than any other blogger since I host a nationally syndicated radio show on AM Radio, write an internationally syndicated column (“A Dad’s Point-of-View”), created and write the Because I Said So comic strip, do the weekly I’m NOT That Dad vlog, speak at major conventions such as BlogWorld, the 140conf (New York and Los Angeles), and the Dad2.0Summit, among others, Guest blog, appear as a semi-regular on HuffPostLive, have a Twitter following exceeding 52,000 (with a 73-78 Klout and a 928 Kred), a Facebook Page that has nearly 5,000 “likes,” and have authored two books, including the e-book – a REAL e-book, The Empty-Nest Road Trip Blues: An Interactive Journal from A Dad’s Point-of-View.

The #DadChat Tweet Chat includes all the things I write and speak about as well as seasonal topics when it’s Mother’s or Father’s Day, for instance, or how to deal with the (Christmas) holidays. Occasionally we cover topics that are not especially parent-centric when we simply do MUSIC at #DadChat. Often I will reference one of the A Dad’s Point-of-View columns, as “required reading (aka “homework”)” though it is far from required or necessary to join, participate, enjoy, and learn from our chats.

#DadChat grew even more when I began inviting guests/co-hosts and the list of esteemed parents and Social Media experts that have come to #DadChat is impressive and extensive, from C.C. Chapman to Guy Kawasaki (We had 81.1 million “Impressions” that night – possibly the biggest one-hour on Twitter ever!). Not all guests/co-hosts are parents since, as mentioned earlier, our topics have ranged beyond only parent-centric material. Two of my favorite chat-hosts, Mack Collier (#blogchat) and Jessica Northey (#CMchat) have co-hosted #DadChat though both are not (yet?) parents.

But, most of all, I strive to make #DadChat fun. It is a less structured chat than many. It most certainly reflects my irreverent personality as I actually use three Twitter handles (@BruceSallan, @aDadsPov, @SuperSallan) during each #DadChat to avoid Twitter Jail!

I invite YOU to join us any Thursday from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT/9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET. That includes you moms, too because #DadChat is the ONLY parent chat that truly involves and thrives with both dads AND moms!

Happy New Year everyone. How about skipping that $5 Starbucks latte and splurging $2.99 (for the Kindle on Amazon) or $2.79 for the PDF of my new e-book? Enjoy my own informercial for it! This e-book is really a virtual journey. It’s filled with 100 photos, 7 original videos, and links to many of the stops on the trip. Click on the book cover image below to find your purchase options:

  • cutemonster

    You’ve been busy Bruce. 🙂  I’ve enjoyed attending several #DadChat topics.  The variety and quality of the tweets is what keeps me coming back.  Looking forward to the next phase of the Bruce Sallan Empire.  

    Vincent | CuteMonster.com

    • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

      LOL @CuteMonster:twitter – If it’s an “empire” Vincent, it’s not a rich one! 

  • http://twitter.com/ImSimplyDebbie Debbie

    You do great at promoting yourself Bruce and look at the numbers you generate that just shows you how much you ROCK #SM. Keep up the great work 🙂 

    • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

      Thx Debbie…you know it actually says in the Bible, “If I am not for myself, then who will be for me…” But it goes on to say, “But, if I’m not for others, then who am I?”

  • David Weber

    I am not as involved in SPP as I was for about a dozen years when I worked independently as an organizational consultant. A consultant I knew used to say that as a consultant, you wake up every morning unemployed.  Another consultant I knew said that when you’re not actually doing consulting interventions, you are sending out treasure ships; some of those ships come back empty, some never come back at all, and occasionally one comes back laden with treasure.  These two observations serve as a rationale for SPP and a credo for those who engage in it.

    I think the question is “Under what circumstances does ‘PP’ become ‘S’?”  That is, some amount of self-promotion is understandable … but when does it go over the line into “shameless”?  Much of the answer is subjectively determined by audience.  You may promote yourself to me; I may “get”  it and appreciate the necessity; the next person you promote yourself to in exactly the same way may think it’s “shameless.”

    I haven’t thought this through carefully, I’m just spitballing here; but I propose that at whatever point it is that one sees one’s audience or listener or reader only as someone to consume self-promotional comments or writings, and one does this unceasingly in encounters with others, it’s starting to get shameles. 

    For myself, I want to be thought of as a human with a full plate of contributions to make to another person’s life.  I’m intelligent, I have a great deal of life experience to share, I think I’m witty on many occasions.  If we have a conversation, I am willing to hear about you and what you have to offer; but I also want to talk about myself and what I am into.  If ultimately I discover that the conversation was only about you attempting to get one more person — me — to buy your product or something equivalent, I feel as though you tricked me.

    I am talking NOT about conversations occurring in settings designed for promotional interaction and networking…let’s say a job fair.  The latitude for self-promotion on your part without letting me talk about me may differ from, say, an encounter we have at a social event (a party, say) and the subject happens to turn to what each of us does for a living. If at that point all that happens is you talk about your thing, and space out while I talk about mine, it sucks for me.  You were being shamelessly self-promoting.

    The other measure of shamelessness is perhaps a more obvious one: WHEN you self-promote. There are probably some occasions when a promoter says, “I’d be wise to not promote at this moment.”  Maybe a funeral would be an example…although what if I go to the funeral of a friend and I talk with someone there who tells me that she is really having a difficult time dealing with the loss of this person.  Let’s say I happen to be a grief counselor–a certified professional dealing with that sort of situation.  Is it “shameless” for me to offer my business card, saying, “If you think I can help you in any way, please let me know, I work with people all the time on this sort of thing,” and nothing  more?  Maybe not … but who doesn’t think it would be shameless if the family of the deceased asked  me to give a eulogy, and at the end of it, I said, “I know we alll are sad. Please feel free to contact me for professional support.  I can be reached at 1-800….”!

    • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

      I actually use the S for Shameless simply to be provocative. Yes, you can get to “Shameless” when you intrude YOUR pitch into everything, everywhere, everytime. And, I do that…lol. It’s about balance. I also sing the praises of others everywhere, all the time (when deserved and often when it’s benign and being nice won’t hurt)…btw, Professor, it’s SSP rather than SPP – that’s not the kind of mistake you often make! LOL…

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  • http://thisbeast.com/ netster

    Hello Dadchat, What’s cooking? 🙂 

    • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

      We are doing another serious topic this week, Jong @netster23:twitter  – Teen Drug Abuse…can’t get much more serious than that…but #DadChat always has a way of still being fun!

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