Special Moment Christmas Songs

Category: #DadChat

christmas songsEvery time #DadChat does music, we have a blast. Don’t we ALL love Christmas songs? What are your favorites? We brought ALL our favorites Thursday, December 20. Jason Ramsey, our resident music expert, did the co-hosting job as he did beautifully in the past for our music-related chats. Homework for this chat was The Ten Most Beloved Christmas Songs and listening to my annual Christmas Radio Special!┬áSee if YOUR favorite Christmas song was there in the #DadChat transcript!

Jason is a small business owner with a passion for social media, music, and helping other small business owners achieve their goals. He has worked in the retail and marketing side of the beauty industry for the past 9 years. He is also currently the General Manager and Co-Owner of School of Rock in Wichita, KS. Connect with him on twitter follow his blogs -they are at http://classicrockmusic.co and http://wichita.schoolofrock.com .

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