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After writing the Ten Elementary Differences Between Men and Women, Part One, I’ve decided to continue the theme with a series of male/female differences simply titled “Men vs. Women.” The fact that “Ten Most Fundamental…” got 2000 shares didn’t affect my interest in continuing the topic whatsoever. I’m doing this for the greater good of mankind. Oops, was that politically incorrect? Personkind? Humankind?

Given that I’ve written 25 columns for, you’d think I’d choose a list of 12 or even the more common 10. But, no, I’ve chosen to break from the norm and be an innovator with these lists – in this ongoing series of which this is the first – as men tend to be innovators so much more than women! Consequently, the number will be completely arbitrary!

I am not interested in being politically correct AT ALL. I am interested in being truthful. And, one truth that is not taught much in Women’s Studies departments at our colleges is that men and women are inherently different. Yes, this may come as a shock to your feminist professor buddies, but we are not only built differently, we tend to do, think, and act differently as well.

That said, there are exceptions to every generality and stereotype. I am declaring here and now that I am making both generalities and stereotypes but I assert that they are true the majority of the time. Simple truths about men and women include that most men are taller than women, most women live longer than men, most men have more hair on their bodies, most women have menstrual cycles, men gain weight in the belly predominantly, while women gain weight in their rear-ends and thighs, predominantly. Am I right, or what?

So, when it comes to money, there’s little doubt that men and women approach it with different ideas, attitudes, and methods. Herewith just three differences that I’ve chosen for this topic, though I may have to follow this list up with another one, since money and money management is such a great, touchy, and universal conflict issue between men and women!

This list is in no order of importance, and I hope contains things you may not have thought of before:

1. Men think gifts get different points, based on their cost

What the heck does that mean? It’s simple. A guy gives a gal a bouquet of flowers and he expects it’s worth say 1 point. He gets her a cool $500 designer bag (Okay, I’ve just exposed another difference…as you women readers know all too well. There’s no cool designer bag that costs even close to JUST $500) and it’s worth, perhaps, 5 points. If, he has really screwed up and gets a costly piece of jewelry, it’s worth at least 10 points in his eyes.

And, we guys think that those points mean we’re off the hook for a while based on the number of points we’ve “earned.” What we don’t realize is that our women value each of our gifts exactly the same: ONE point. So, while we think the callous remark we made or the backward look at the hot girl over there should be forgiven due to the point system, we are wrong. If we’re lucky, those points last the rest of the day. So, my advice is to always give a gift in the morning.

2. Women think they can add, subtract, and balance their checkbooks

Okay, I’m stepping into it now. This sort of fits in the guy thinks he knows directions better than women category. Women have a hard time figuring out tips, balancing their checkbooks, and doing basic math. It sort of relates to the point system outlined in #1 on this list. Women’s minds react very strongly to certain things like, for instance, my wife saying she got a great deal on a pair of shoes.

I foolishly ask, “That’s great honey, how much did they cost?” to which I get a reply like, “$365.” I look astonished and compound my ignorance by expressing, “That’s a deal?” to which I get the disdainful response that they would’ve cost $1,475 if she’d bought them at Bloomingdale’s along with a huge, “Harrumph.”

Now, to be fair, this idea of “value” really works both ways. We men do believe that a big-screen TV is worth every bit of its $4,000 cost while the same amount spent on the afore-mentioned designer handbag makes absolutely no sense to us.

3. Making buying decisions based on looks rather than what’s inside

This one is the best irony of them all. Women will buy A CAR based on its looks and/or color while men will actually care about its performance and what’s inside! Women will buy clothes just for the label. Men could care less. The list of these sorts of buying differences is endless.

But, the great irony of this male/female difference is that where it really counts, men are slugs. When choosing a partner, men will base their decision largely based on looks, at least initially. And, we all know men who married women exclusively for their looks or youth. Women are much smarter in this regard and marry men for their money! Ha ha.

What differences do you want to add? Where do you agree or disagree with my gender thinking?

Please read and/or comment on any of the other columns in the Men vs. Women series.

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  • ebuttscpa

    I just want to say that the images in this post are excellent. I am going to be pinning several of them!

    • Bruce Sallan

      Thx Eric…I work hard on the images and appreciate the affirmation! NOW, I’m waiting for the blowback on this column’s content!?

  • Ferb Hinlor

    They are so great and truly impressive haha :)

  • Spotza

    This is mostly true. I’m female, and I definitely don’t budget or always pay bills on time, but I don’t give a flip about labels or shopping in general even though I have enough money to buy stuff. I dread the holidays and won’t step foot in a store unless it’s absolutely necessary because the crowds make me wanna shoot myself!

    • Bruce Sallan

      I appreciate your comment! My younger son LOVES “Black Friday” but I refuse to go anymore…I’ll drop him off and come back later!

  • Ellen Bremen

    Hi, Bruce,

    As an Interpersonal Comm prof who teaches gender, but whose specialization is NOT gender comm (in the spirit of full disclosure right at the get-go, so this is all anecdotal), I am going to blow up the whole argument: I do NOT see this as a gender issue. I think just like any and all communication and behavioral habits, this is a person issue. Sure, there may be some fundamental stereotypes–and remember that in all stereotypes there can be some hints of truth.

    Many of the women I know, including myself, manage the finances in the household because our spouses are the spenders! And, in many households, including my own, we outsource the investment management.

    Additionally, how does the argument hold up in this economy where so many males have been professionally displaced and women are the ones who are working?

    I’m just trying to offer some counter-arguments here. I just don’t think women as the quintessential spenders and men as the savvy savers/investors quite holds up anymore. I think this is more of a person-to-person analysis. But I’m open for discussion :-).

    Ellen @chattyprof:twitter

    • Writerdeman

      I hand over all the financial stuff to my man. He is the more frugal one, and, quite frankly, I’m good with that. It’s worth it just to not have to deal with balancing accounts, worrying about investments, etc. I am math-challenged, though i could choose otherwise if I had to. But I don’t right now and I love it. We often see our sex as we ourselves are, don’t make that mistake.

      • Bruce Sallan

        Funny, with your first comment I didn’t know if you were a man or woman…very interesting!

    • Bruce Sallan

      I expected THAT reply from my other Comm Professor friend, David E. Weber. I still absolutely LOVE you Ellen, but sooooooo completely disagree – with full respect. Are you really says there are no inherent differences between men and women? Do you really think it’s all environmental? If so, that would account for why more men are staying home now and more women may be handling finances if, in fact, more men are displaced by the current economy.

      Anyway, I soooooo dislike the word “gender” as well! To me, it’s the sexes! So there! Xoxo…

    • Thomas Allen

      You make a great argument to reveal the inequality against men in education and the work place. You are right things are changing, however you are dishonest when you say men where the one doing the spending, if you are as historical/gender savoy as you claim, you know this to be a false assertion. Even before women’s lib, women did the finances and the spending. please try and be more honest in the future.

  • Writerdeman

    You are right on. Also, women are domesticated bitches, while men are wild animals. But I kinda like that about them.

    • Bruce Sallan

      Now, THAT made me laugh OUT LOUD for real!

  • ginavalley

    Totally agree  with you.  Men and women are different.  Some are more “differenter” than others 😉
    Personally, I shop and handle money like a typical man.  I like all the finances balanced, paid off, and organized.  I hate clutter and like everything in its place. My husband is the opposite.
    Shopping – I’m a “get in there, get what you came for, now get out” kind of person.  My kids and husband are the opposite, so I give them a list and tell them to have at it.

    Totally disagree with you on the math thing, but I still love ya.  I think that in general that the  disparity in math skills between the sexes has more to do with the fact that math is usually taught in a way that is more easily absorbed by males (generally linear, spacial thinkers) than by females (generally multi-directional, 2-dimensional thinkers.) Research supports that taught in learning methods appropriate to their learning strengths, there is no difference in ability between the sexes.  BUT virtually no schools in our country have programs to address these differences so our girls/women miss out.  Have I mentioned I have a degree in applied math?  😉

    Great post, BTW.

    • Bruce Sallan

      I love when we can respectfully disagree. Wouldn’t it be nice if Obama and Romney could do the same?

      • ginavalley

        That would be great, but somehow I don’t see that happening. :-)

        • Bruce Sallan

          It is pretty CLEAR that they REALLY don’t like each other! We’ll be talking #Politics at #DadChat tonight in a much more civil manner!

          • ginavalley

            Civil and politics?  I’m not sure if that’s possible! :-)

    • Thomas Allen

      I don’t know where you get your information, but our schools where changed between the 50 and 60 to better suit women not men, and this is actually the point where men began to decline in academic scores. women currently dominate education and employment because of this. Did your study come in the 30’s or something? If not then it is falsified or invalid information.

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  • Dawn Abraham

    Every relationship I have been in and that number is over ten I was the one who handled the money.  Most men are like children when it comes to money and the situations where I didn’t handle the money because the income level was over 10 million we had advisors money managers and accountants.  Even then he would spend $10,000 to have someone put up a 30 foot christmas tree in our home.  His reasoning that is why I became rich so I don’t  have to worry about money I can afford to pay that.  He certainly wasn’t frugal   You may remember him he was the first civilian to go into space. He paid the Russians Twenty Million dollars for that experience.  I rest my case. 

    • Bruce Sallan

      That’s quite a case, Dawn. Thx for commenting!

    • Thomas Allen

      did you know between 80-95% of delinquency come from the single mother home? In a world where the majority of boys have no access to fathers,and those who do are divided by good father bad father statistics, where do you think men will learn these things, their mothers? The single mother is even failing to help their daughters with this! Coming from a man raised by a single mother 4 aunts, a grand mother, and no male influences: you are fool if you think most women can fill the fathers role! Maybe you can, maybe you break the statistic, but most can’t, most suffer for your ignorance and stubbornness. Human are adaptable so the most adaptable men usually make it, but the majority of men dont! If you have any love for your men, any attraction to masculinity, and don’t want to see the man become extinct and completely docile, then you need to fight for our fathers and think of the children.

    • Thomas Allen

      P.S. no offense, but if you really want to get into the man VS women battle in spending, you women loose by along shot, its not even a competition! over 88% of all spending is female and the great majority of that is based in vanity. Lol thats is actually one thing no educated person in their right mind would ever debate! The entire world accepts that women do the most vanity shopping. Plain and simple fact. lol wow!

  • David Weber

    “I am interested in being truthful. And, one truth that is not taught much in Women’s Studies departments at our colleges is that men and women are inherently different …. This may come as a shock to your feminist professor buddies….” — Oi vey.
    “I am making both generalities and stereotypes but I assert that they are true the majority of the time.” — Oi vey is mir.
    “Simple truths about men and women include that … men gain weight in the belly predominantly, while women gain weight in their rear ends and thighs, predominantly. Am I right, or what?” — Oi gewalt.

    • Bruce Sallan

      I knew you’d agree with me, Professor! 

    • Thomas Allen

      You are one who sees with their own eyes and not by those eyes given by feminist, thus you display the gift of man: wisdom and logic.

      • Bruce Sallan

        Not only that @facebook-1308583412:disqus but the Professor is A Professor at a State University – to keep such objectivity has to be an incredible challenge for him but I’ve known him my whole life and he is brilliant and clear-headed like no one else I know @7f990e539df4ddefe26884eb65a5f04c:disqus

  • Momsthoughts1

    What a sexist offensive load of crap.  

    • Bruce Sallan

      And, what a well thought out response! 

    • Thomas Allen

      Offensive is not a synonym for sexist, it offends you… so what?

      • yolo

        wtf stupid fag go fuck yourself she has an opnion you too so shut up hses not complaining about your opnion to isnt she? sexist ass homo

  • Jen Olney

    As a woman, I found this to be accurate. I know that will tick off many of my sisters, but I’m sorry. It’s true. Bruce, men and women are different – period. Why do women feel the need they must be superior to men? Why do feel we must dominate? We don’t – we just have to be women and let men be men – it’s simple. If you are offended, it’s not because you are woman or a man – it’s because you as a individual have an issue that has been struck in the text. Women do not think or act on based on their “lady parts” we act, think and respond based on our “lady smarts” Let’s be clear.

    • Bruce Sallan

      Jen, my bigger point and BELIEF is that our differences MAKE US better. Let’s learn from each other rather than tear each other down. I learn so much from my wife and her “gender” instincts much as she does from me. It’s those like “Momsthoughts1″ that learn nothing and simply live life ANGRY! Sad!

      • Thomas Allen

        Better is relative, better in what?

        • Bruce Sallan

          @facebook-1308583412:disqus – better than we are without the opposite sex

          • Thomas Allen

            lol, k…

    • Thomas Allen

      There is actually also science that shows men and women have battled to the death for power over the other trough out our evolutionary history and what ended up happening was one gained manipulation over the other mentally and the other had the ability for domination of the other physically which is seen as a tradeoff of power and a sort of natural equalization to begin with. We need conflict to evolve. However if you consider that the human male still has a certain level of self sacrificing instinct toward the woman, and is still able to be manipulated to the point of proxy action for the female, then there really is no trade off, the male power is not his own in this dynamic, but it is very much at the disposal of the female. So even if the male had the ability to rape, the majority of men didn’t, they sacrificed themselves for their family. I feel the answer to your question is simply that the male role had become so well acknowledged as heroic and honorable that they became jealous of the role and the glory and not necessarily power. That is why some women could care less, because those are the women who are happy with their own life. To those who are clearly suffering penis envy, I bluntly inform them, they do indeed have the modern day option to start hormonal treatment and obtain the testosterone and adrenaline levels in which they envy. I don’t think this will ever be 100% resolved because people, no matter what gender, are will always going to be jealous of each other.

      This is why men need to stand large and proud of who they are and defend it!

      It is not our fault we burn fat better and built muscle better then you. It is not our fault our brain chemistry functions better with logic then your does on average. Never forget that something only true on average means you can always be that women who is better then even the men. Also with out Effort the abilities you are born with are useless so while men play the hair taking a nap under a tree, you can still pass them up! It is not our fault we are born this way, but yes, yes it is your fault if you don’t try to meet the same standards and come regret it. It is your fault if you allow a group of people in your name to bring men down in order to lift you up. Can’t blame any one then, but yourself at that point.

      That said, I’m glad you don’t seem to be one of these crazy jealous women.

      • Bruce Sallan

        Well @facebook-1308583412:disqus – I’m glad you’re not bashful! BTW, I am soooo grateful I was born a man. I’d hate to deal with all that a woman has to deal with – ESPECIALLY menopause! I’ve got plenty more in this series for you to opine on! Please do!

        • Thomas Allen

          I agree and disagree. I’m glad I’m much more logical then most women are. I’m glad to burn fat and build muscle at 3 times the rate. I’m glad I have empathy yet control over my emotions. In this feminist society it is not fun to be a man socially. I do wish I had the same color vision women had, but I’m very glad I can see motion better then they can. I would rather give birth then get double side kicked in the balls and piss blood for 3 weeks ever again…

          A human body can take of to 45 DEL (Unit of Pain) before it starts
          to become unbearable. The pain a woman feels giving birth is around 57
          DEL of pain, the equivalent feeling of fracturing 20 bones at once. A
          hard kick to the nuts measures over 9000 DEL’s, the equivalent pain of
          giving birth to 160 babies and breaking 3,200 bones at once. Girls, when
          you’re giving birth, remember that being kicked in the nuts is over 157
          times as painful.

          It a simple matter of science. A man can experience testicular pain at varying levels and at varied rates of consistency for varied lengths of time. For me it was 3 weeks. The peek being astronomically larger then birth peeks, its safe to say lingering pain will be too and at a variable. These same variations exist in women with significantly lower peak levels, news flash: many women report experiencing little to no birth pains at all and a great deal say the pain is only for the first child. It is physically impossible to experience pain with out the nerves to process it. Women do not possess a set of nerves that delivers the same levels of pain intensity during birth, that men have in their testicles. The pain intensity in the testicle, depending on the damage level, can send a man into convulsions and kill him.

          I like being a man, there are a lot of benefits, but it’s not fucking easy!

          • Bruce Sallan

            Love your passion @facebook-1308583412:disqus though I am much more even-tempered on all this…would appreciate keeping it PG-13 in the future, please…

          • Anonymously

            Gee, I wonder why you got “double side kicked in the balls”…

          • Bruce Sallan

            And I wonder how you live life @Anonymously and can look yourself in the mirror?

          • Layla

            You can’t measure pain. There is no such measurement as a “DEL”. How much it hurts depends on the person.

  • Azmomofmanyhats

    Oh  Bruce….. as much as I love ya….. this strikes a chord…..

    Generalizing “spending habits” not only minimizes women (and I wholeheartedly disagree that they have trouble with basic math, tips, etc… in fact, on a daily basis these skills are put into practice by most women…)  but also minimizes men in slotting them into a “numbers and what’s in it for me” kind ascribed identity.

    I agree with Ellen that it is a difference and matter of communication surrounding money.  When both partners are on the same page about goals and attitudes, you’d be surprised at how much the same both partners can be in their money habits. Does this mean there is never a difference in opinion? No – we’re human and can  have equally valid points that differ.  But is it because of a woman’s “inability” to understand finance because of her gender…. absolutely not!

    There are differences in men and women…. but the ability to understand and be wise about money certainly is not one of them.

    • Bruce Sallan

      Angie, I’m glad it struck a chord and I’m really GLAD you expressed your views, Angie. BUT, you see how you did it? With respect. And, I think you know me. I respect women completely. Yes, I have a little fun with our differences, but it is never in a holier-than-thou or thinking men are better frame of mind. I can’t wait for your response – and others – to the next in this series which is on how we communicate – DIFFERENTLY! 

      • Azmomofmanyhats

         :) Always with respect my friend!  And yes… I do know that you respect women.  You are a conversation starter, but I also know that you appreciate that men and women are different from each other.  I can’t wait for the next column!

        • Thomas Allen

          Just remember 88% of our nations spending< fact!

    • Thomas Allen

      Actually it is a fact women do 88% of our nations spending and little of it is not vain. this is not a generalization, but fact.

      • Bruce Sallan

        Well @disqus_vuvkVfxaYk:disqus – it our home it’s more like 98% (my wife)! LOL…

    • Thomas Allen

      Scientific studies and I Disagree with you, while women do have the ability the understand most everything, men still have a more keen sense of logical understanding on average. As a man who finds few who can challenge his logic even amongst men, I have to say, no women has ever held a candle to me in a logical debate, and logical debate is my life. I’m have debated thousands of man and women. I never understood the illogical nature of women, my mother even thought/suspected me to be cold and heartless, even though I have quite the bleedy heart some times. I find most men today are not taught to harnessing their logical nature, because of women who seek to keep them from it and do so in politics, education, media and work. However, as a non conformist i have never allowed my Masculine abilities to be taken from me, and always demand women be held to my standard! Watching women fail to meet my standards every day! It has never been I who fails to meet their standard of intelligence and always they who fail to meet mine. It is always i who is left explaining to them! I find myself leading most women down the path of logic like a parent holding a child’s hand to cross the street. Usually after a few episodes of crying or some drama, they are some times able to make it, however we typically get drawn off topic and drawn into a sea of tears or our burst of emotion. Women have simply failed to prove to me they can perform true objective logic as commonly or as efficiently as men can. these women are not stupid ether, they usually can read faster then me,
      and even know things I don’t sometimes or do math better too; they
      simply fail at logic and often fall victim to emotion this emotion is not always displayed by crying. The other emotional reactions found are also found in men who are less logical and have less emotional control. typically if you approach the emotional man in a none threatening manner they will preform your logic just fine. Regardless, even though I do function logic better then most of my male encounters, I still find the inability to be vary rare, and usually not an inability to preform, but unwillingness to preform the logic. While I watch women try and try to preform logic and just fail. I’m not saying the logical woman doesn’t exist I just say she is very rare. Most women fail to see most logic as even logic, but s the lack of emotion… So I fear with this bias in perceptive, few women can measure their own logic to really understand why they are different form men. Thus it makes sense women cannot commonly see this difference, it is not typically in their ability to see a level of logic they cannot efficiently preform on average.

      However men like me, who stand on the outside, can distinctly see the lack of logic in the women as we suffer trying to help them preform logic!

      • Bridget

        Women pretend that you have won debates so that they can stop talking to you. You sound really, really stupid.

        • TPAM

          A few years ago, as a more confused and younger version of my current self, I would rant and rave, and after a while the clever women (and people in general) would do exactly that! Reminded me of one of my old friends, she was a very clever girl and would do this to me all the time. It took me a long time to notice.

          • Bruce Sallan

            What do you mean by “rave” @disqus_phAimEpA4H:disqus ?

          • TPAM

            ‘Rant and rave’ to mean going on about something and to keep going on about it (e.g Thomas Allen in several of his posts or when I was younger I was a very passionate person who would get stuck on ideas and rant about them). This behaviour often results from a general lack of well being (or happiness, if you prefer).

          • Bruce Sallan

            @disqus_phAimEpA4H:disqus – thx for the clarification. Given I have teen boys – one of whom is a music fan – “rave” has a different meaning. I like to “rant” but do not do so from anything other (IMO) a place of passion rather than any internal emotional holes!

          • TPAM

            That was an unintended implication. Only when it’s accompanied by a ‘look at me, look at me’ manner do I believe it comes from a lack of well-being. This site (your writing and videos on it) are proof of your passion for life. In my opinion, a passionate rant is a beautiful thing, but its self-absorbed counterpart is another matter.

          • Bruce Sallan

            TY @disqus_phAimEpA4H:disqus – we totally agree!

      • TPAM

        Perhaps you should consider that logic is a tool, both enabled and limited by our language. There are many articles and books written on this subject. They will enlighten men who think pure logic exists.
        More specific, your relationships should not be used as data on this topic. Relationships are not fuelled by logic and, if they were, it would be a cold and ‘robotic’ experience. Why would you expect a relationship to conform to logic? So, if a woman is upset, you should consider thinking ‘outside the box’, not necessarily to understand her grievances or needs (although this would be advisable) but to better understand the situation. Logic is only one tool to achieve understanding after all. Einstein, strangely (to me anyway), has written and spoken about how logic was one of his greatest limitations.

        Also, I guarantee you make many illogical decisions every day. You’re probably making some right now. There are differences between the genders but we are all animals.

        Good day.

        This is a response to see several of your posts.

        • Bruce Sallan

          Well @disqus_phAimEpA4H:disqus I’m not sure what to say…but appreciate you’re taking the time to make a comment…

          • TPAM

            I was just refuting his logic that women have an illogical nature. He claims to have a great and logical mind, but he has an illogical nature, like we all do. Logic doesn’t allow for contradictions or paradoxes, so by his own mighty tool he is proven wrong. Basically, logic is a tool used all the time but it doesn’t, by itself, allow a person to arrive at the truth (and you should certainly be considering the flow and needs of a relationship before you ‘refute’ an upset woman with your logic). Truth may contain a thousand contradictions.

            I feel as if I’ve overstepped a mark. If I have, I apologise and would welcome an explanation of why you’re not sure what to say.

            Thanks for your time.

          • Bruce Sallan

            @disqus_phAimEpA4H:disqus – you have NOT overstepped anything. I welcome comments, even if I’m occasionally confused or illogical in my response. It’s VERY clear that I write from a place of opinion and passion and actually construct my columns rarely with a strong sense of logic or critical thinking as I’ve been told my good friends, especially my co-writing partners on The Evolution of Technology series, Professor Weber. I suppose one person’s “logic” is another’s “nonsense?”

          • TPAM

            Good good. I thought I’d insulted you – reading comprehension can only go so far.

            “I suppose one person’s ‘logic` is another’s ‘nonsense?'” —

            Love this. Or is logic just a more coherent nonsense?

  • Bill Draeger

    Based on the three wives I have had, which is admittedly an extremely small sample of women, I would give your three points the following score.  Point #1 was true for 1 out of my 3 wives (i.e. I believe one give points for the price of gifts), Point #2 for 2 out of 3 (i.e. one could and did balance her checkbook), and Point #3 for 2 out of 3 (i.e. one bought things logically). So these assessments of yours cannot be made for all women. But you probably already knew that and are just trying to pull their chains.  

    • Bruce Sallan

      So, like all the #debates, it’s a draw then Bill?

  • Lovesmassage2

    As a woman, I’d like to say I disagree, but I can’t!! :) Fully insightful, enjoyable to read, and true! (At least for me! 😉 ) Big lol! Keep it coming..

    • Lovesmassage2

      Oh and by the way, LOVE the pics & diagrams! 😉

    • Bruce Sallan

      I expected much more blowback on this column – got it from “Anne” on my FB Page, but hardly anyone else. Very interesting. I suspect “Anne” is also “Momsthoughts1″ here. Thx for your ability to see through the PC nonsense and “judge” US as equally different rather than better or worse as a whole…better and worse in different areas!

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  • Bridget

    This is utterly ridiculous. Women aren’t as good with money as men because we are not told that we have to support ourselves. We are told to just live off men because men are “breadwinners” and men are “so superior”, etc. If women were brought up in the same way as men, they would be just as good at taking care of money. This is seriously the dumbest article I have ever read and I’m so glad that all of you seem to be at least 30 because it means that you are old and will die before me. I can’t wait until morons like you are just GONE from this planet. I hate each and every one of you sexist morons.

    • Bruce Sallan

      @disqus_85x1NEKZ84:disqus – thank you for you well thought out comment. It’s amazing how you were so clear-headed and your counter-arguments so cogent. You give me hope for the under-30 generation! UGH – yipes, are you kidding me!? And, YOU grew up when Title IX existed, though I’m sure you have NO IDEA what it is and how EQUAL women of your generation have it NOW! Wow, you are amazing!

  • TPAM

    I agree with EB. Love the image of the couple daydreaming. Also, I like your site. I will definitely be returning to your site (and not just to see if Thomas Allen responds).

    • Bruce Sallan

      That’s terrific @disqus_phAimEpA4H:disqus – Eric (aka EB) is a good friend and very smart guy! Please come to #DadChat any/every Thursday where we engage is spirited discussions “live” each week! Thursday we’re simply having a favorite summer songs PARTY!

  • Sue me

    You know the thing I hate the most about arguing with misogynists is that there is no point. In their minds, women are always inferior and illogical, and if you even criticize them that is just further “evidence” of how irrational women are.
    I just don’t understand how people are so incapable of putting themselves in another’s shoes and trying to imagine how they would feel. Constantly told your whole life you are inferior and then when you start to manifest those qualities, people say “See! I told you so!” Did you know that they did multiple studies on the damaging effects of sexism and stereotypes? In one study, one group of women were given a math test and told men did better. And the control group was given no such information. Best part of all was when one group of women were told that women usually did better on this type of math test. Guess which group did considerably better than the rest?
    I also love how when misogynists are given multiple examples against their argument that is always anecdotal, but the original misogynist argument is never anecdotal.

  • lady90

    You are a fucking moron – just using dumb stereotypes to get profit out of it.

    • Bruce Sallan

      @lady90 – you are so articulate and thoughtful that it’s hard to take umbrage at your oh-so constructive criticism! Much thanks…

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  • helena

    If you get interested in other cultures you will see that the characteristics accorded to man and women vary a lot, which proves that it is not sex that define behavior or mentalities. Education and culture do. I believe nobody is born a particular way, every baby is just as a blank piece of paper that life experiences will color in a way or another. I’m a girl and it makes me sad to live in a world where a lot of people expect me to act irrationally and compulsively just because of my sex. I am a girl and i am not superficial. I am a girl and i fall in love because i feel it in my heart, not because of money. I am a girl and i don’t have eating disorder. I am a girl and i am not hysterical. I am a girl and I know how to drive a car. I am a girl and I don’t see why it makes me different from my male friends. I do believe that mentalities will keep evolving and that my children won’t live in a world that stereotypes them. There should be no comparison between man and women, or white and blacks, or religious people and atheists. Comparison leads to battle. Battle leads to sadness. We are all people, we are all individually different, which makes us all the same humanly.

    • Bruce Sallan

      Beautifully expressed, @Helena – I have been to 50+ countries and do realize how much culture and nurturing affect us yet I still believe STRONGLY there are inherent tendencies and instincts BUILT IN to men and women. You really know how to drive?

  • Ashley M

    I can manage my money just fine. On those occasions when I want to splurge there is almost always a man standing in the wings to fund my excesses. :-) And they seem so happy when they “help”.

    • Bruce Sallan

      @disqus_oUXRrdyxSS:disqus – you’re my kind of woman!