Men vs. Women: Differences Between Men and Women’s Money Management Skills

 money management

After writing the Ten Elementary Differences Between Men and Women, Part One, I’ve decided to continue the theme with a series of male/female differences simply titled “Men vs. Women.” The fact that “Ten Most Fundamental…” got 2000 shares didn’t affect my interest in continuing the topic whatsoever. I’m doing this for the greater good of mankind. Oops, was that politically incorrect? Personkind? Humankind?

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#DadChat Takes On Responsibility

Well, I’m back from an incredible trip to The Cariboos, a mountain range where I went heli-skiing for 6 days. Read about it and see the pictures and some videos in my current I’m NOT That Dad and my column, How to Ski Out of This World, which has a link to the Picassa photo album of the best 100+ photos. #DadChat tomorrow – Thursday, April 12 – will be about Teaching Responsibility. The implication, of course, is teaching our kids responsibility but the reality is that we parents model behavior and I would suggest it’s not always responsible. Don’t forget that Guy Kawasaki, who was supposed to appear this week, had to reschedule for May 17. Please plan to come for probably our biggest #DadChat ever!